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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate ‘Irrational Dislike’ for This Character

by Thad Mitchell

As they wait for the return of their favorite show, “Yellowstone” fans are passing the time by heading to online message boards.

Online communities, like Reddit, are buzzing with theories and speculation on what will happen next. There is plenty of intrigue on the show with a cliffhanger closing out the third season and season four approaching. The fate of the Dutton family is up in the air with John, Kayce and Beth all coming under attack in the finale. The same can be said for fan favorite Jimmy who we left lying facedown on the ground after falling from a bucking horse. Another fan favorite, Rip Wheeler, looks primed to start busting some heads once the Dutton family ambushers are revealed.

Yellowstone fans are using the show’s “offseason” to offer up some criticisms as well. One particular character on the show seems to be unpopular among a small but vocal group of Reddit users — Monica Dutton.

Monica, a Native American, is the wife of Kayce Dutton and mother to the young Tate Dutton. Monica is an educator by trade and takes great pride in her heritage. She actively looks for ways to assist her fellow tribe members, including Chief Rainwater. Last season we saw Monica volunteer as a decoy to lure a serial rapist into a trap. The person falls for the trap and is shot and killed by Rainwater’s assistant Mo.

Because of her loyalty to her fellow Native Americans, she has a complex relationship with some of the show’s characters including Kayce. She also doesn’t seem all that fond of the ranching life after the family moves in to the Dutton mansion on Yellowstone Ranch.

Yellowstone Fans Weigh in on Monica Dutton’s Role

In a recent Reddit thread, some Yellowstone fans express their disdain for Monica, describing her as “boring” and “unbearable.”

“I want to fast forward every scene that she’s in,” a poster says. “She’s the most boring person alive. There are boring characters in every show but for some reason, she’s unbearable to watch.”

Another Reddit poster blames the show’s writers for making Monica a “dull” character.

“The writing for the character is really, really bad,” the user says. “And the lines put into her mouth are enough to make any actor cringe.”

Another site poster disagrees with the “irrational” dislike of Monica and notes her motivations make her a character to watch.

“I never understood the hate against her,” the person says. “The actress (Kelsey Asbille) is kind of weak and the character is a bit bland but she is OK.”

With the premiere only months away, Yellowstone fans won’t have to wait much longer to learn the fates of their favorite characters.