‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate if One Character Is as ‘Annoying as Joffrey’ on ‘Game of Thrones’

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans will have a suspicion right off the bat which character this is. Go with your gut – you know it’s who you think it is.

Have an inkling? Of course you do! And your fellow Yellowstone fans on Reddit are here to prove you right:

“I swear to god I would strangle Jamie…”

“I swear to god I would strangle Jamie,” user CNTSMN titles their discussion. Now that’s how you grab an audience!

“This whole character is as frustrating and as annoying as Joffrey from GoT,” he continues. “I commend the writers.”

That’s it. That’s all he wrote, folks. Yet it’s all it takes when discussing Jamie Dutton, isn’t it? Fans love to hate and hate to love the adoptive Dutton son. The proof’s in the pudding, too: a whopping 40+ comments section has birthed out of the redditor’s original prompt. Within, the thread’s top comment with 45 upvotes attempts to sum up the debate in one neat little paragraph:

“I don’t get the Jamie hate at all but I know so many fans of the show can’t stand him!” the excellently-named littleseawitch responds. Her words lead a common line of thought, in which many of Yellowstone’s ‘black sheep’ viewers tend to identify with Jamie, rather chastise him.

“He gets treated like sh*t,” she continues. We’ll agree with you there, you little sea witch. “Every time he has good intentions for his family they f*ck it up and blame him, mainly Beth and John.” Also very true. “

“I feel terrible for Jamie. As a person who found out later in life they had a biological parent that wasn’t around, I identify with his character so much,” she adds. And there it is – more pudding and more proof. Jamie is a fascinatingly flawed character. He’s as gray as they come, with shades of both black and white swirled into one greasy, charming lawyer. It makes him sympathetic to those who know what it’s like to – well – walk in his ambiguous shoes.

“Side note: does Wes Bentley not absolutely kill it playing Jamie?? Seriously he makes me feel every emotion towards his character! I think he’s an incredible actor,” littleseawitch concludes. Can’t disagree here, either. The show wouldn’t have come as far as it has if not for the stellar, pitch-perfect casting.

Yellowstone Fans Dissect Jamie Dutton

MosleyCirca1936 (less fond of this username – doesn’t have the same vibes) feels the same, too. Moreover – the second most upvoted comment is perhaps first in eloquence, as Mosley, as we’ll call this redditor, breaks down some real hard truths:

“John gets on his high horse about being “Jamie’s true father” after spending a lifetime treating him like the black sheep and nothing more than a tool to exploit for the benefit of the ranch his “real” children will inherit,” Mosley begins. This is a massive part of the show’s plot through all three seasons – and one of John’s biggest detractors as a character.

“Beth had sex with Rip knowing it could get him killed if John found out or she got pregnant. She forced Jamie into the situation. He didn’t take her child/family away. She chose to do that herself. I wonder how Rip would react knowing that Beth aborted their child? Knowing the writers he’d probably just blame Jamie too,” Mosley continues. There’s a lot of personal opinion and vendetta with the writers mixed in here. It does, however, perfectly illustrate how vital the “teenage” plot line between Beth & Jamie (alongside Rip & John) has become – not only for the show, but for fans, also.

“Jamie is afraid when Christina gets pregnant because he knows that John may kill her. Or Beth explicitly tells Jamie she would murder his wife and child. Yet I am supposed to see him as the villain and John/Beth as the victims?” This is, in this author’s opinion, the strongest case Mosley makes in Jamie’s favor. The guy has made some horrific mistakes, yet each seems to pale in comparison to the consequences his family bestows upon him time and time again.

“The only frustrating thing about Jamie is his refusal to take Christina and his child away and never look back,” Mosley concludes. Easier said than done – but definitely a wise course of action.

Where do you fall when it comes to Jamie? Are you in Camp Greasy Hate? Or Camp Lawyer Love?