‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate If Show ‘Messed Up’ Casting Choice

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans debate whether Paramount cast the right actress for this main role. Let’s break it down.

Everyone has their own opinions. Maybe you like an actor but aren’t as big of a fan of the character. But on Reddit today, a particular thread started a discussion about their feelings on Kelsey Asbille’s Monica Long.

No Love For Yellowstone‘s ‘Monica Long’

While Monica may not be some people’s favorite character on Yellowstone (hard to compete with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton), you have to respect how headstrong she is while standing up for what she believes so passionately.

However, Reddit user NordWitcher feels very strongly. The user voiced that they prefer how a female character from Sons of Anarchy managed to pull off a more convincing portrayal of a female lead.

“I was watching SOA (Sons of Anarchy) recently, and I loved the character Tara in it, and Maggie Siff was just amazing in that role. She played that role near perfectly, a strong woman looking to protect her family from that life,” the user wrote.

Why the Complaints?

NordWitcher says that Monica’s personality is “unbearable.”

Definitely a harsh criticism, especially considering Monica is dealing with often horrific situations. Take for example, landing in the hospital after suffering a severe blow to the face, or even putting herself up as bait to catch a predator.

The Reddit user continued by adding: “In all her scenes, she just comes across as whiney, unbearable, and depressed.”

In Defense of Monica: She’s Normal in Comparison

Another user, named Chocjane08, disagreed with NordWitcher. They pointed out that Monica is normal compared to the people surrounding her on Yellowstone.

“I’ve heard this take before, and I don’t agree tbh. If anything, she’s a normal person surrounded by pretty extreme-minded and corrupt people, including her husband, who is always mixed up in something dodgy and getting sucked back into his family drama despite leaving all that to be with her. I get her, as entertaining as the plot is to us living in, it would be stressful as f*ck especially if you just wanted a quiet normal life.”

Regardless, Monica Long lives to see another day on the hit western drama, at least for now. Kayce and the rest of the Duttons are currently a coin flip. Yellowstone season four is set to premiere in June of 2021.