‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Whether Jamie Dutton Would’ve ‘Betrayed’ Family If He Stayed a Ranch Hand

by Katie Maloney

We all know Jamie’s relationship with the rest of his family on “Yellowstone” is complicated.

Despite his actions, it seems that all he truly wants is the love of his father, John Dutton. And when he doesn’t totally receive that love, he starts to find ways to seek revenge on John. Jamie ran for political office just to spite his father. He also revealed many of the family secrets and plans to a journalist. Some “Yellowstone” fans are wondering if Jamie’s even responsible for some or all of the season three finale attacks on the Duttons. But what if Jamie never became an attorney and had just worked as a ranchhand on the Dutton Ranch?

Some fans are wondering if Jamie would have actually become closer with his family and been happy as a ranchhand.

“When we were shown Jamie in the bunkhouse and with the cowboys, he seemed pretty content, if not happy,” wrote one “Yellowstone” fan in a Reddit thread. “When he was unloading hay with Jimmy, he seemed to enjoy the conversation with Jimmy and Cowboy, and his reaction towards the cop who came to tell Jimmy about his grandpa was that of a lawyer-friend, not just a company lawyer. And he seemed to enjoy playing dizzy bats that night.”

The same fan suggested that, if Jamie had stayed at the ranch as a worker, he may never have betrayed his family.

“I’m not saying that Jamie didn’t deserve to be Attorney General or anything like that, and I’m not saying that Jamie wouldn’t have had some resentment towards John,” said the fan. “What I am saying is that Jamie seemed to be building friendships in the bunkhouse, and I don’t know if he’d have betrayed them if they’d been allowed to actually develop.”

Could Jamie Have Been Happy Without His Role as Attorney General On ‘Yellowstone’?

However, another fan disagreed. They said that Jamie’s relationship with his father would have been strained no matter which profession he chose.

“I think John would have treated him as less than regardless of what job he’d take,” wrote the fan. “If anything, John kept him around bc he had a use for him as an attorney whereas as a ranch hand he would have been easier to replace.”

Another fan said that Jamie stepping into the role of Attorney General was simply written in the stars. So, Jamie probably never would have stayed on the Dutton Ranch, according to the fan.

“That would have been possible if someone else would have been there to be Attorney General, wrote the fan. However, in that case, I think Jamie wouldn’t have been happy not to have been the chosen Attorney General. He’d be envious of the other person. I see this storyline as some sort of non-avoidable destiny due to his education and the circumstances.”

The fan added that Jamie’s importance to the family is often overlooked.

“To me, Jamie is very valuable to the whole family. Something that is almost completely overlooked by Beth and also John to a degree. (Although he seems to realize it from time to time, despite their various personal differences).”