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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate Which Character Storylines Are Still a Little ‘Fuzzy’ Ahead of Season 4

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

When it comes to Yellowstone, there are quite a few storylines that require stretching one’s imagination. But that’s the beauty of fiction, isn’t it?

Some die-hard fans, however, aren’t in it to stretch the truth. Instead, they demand to know why and how such “WTF” storylines made it into their favorite show, with Redditor TheRoundestDot asking:

“Are there any storylines on the show that have you thinking WTF is this nonsense?!”

‘Worst Storylines on The Show’?

“Yes. Monica as a professor at a university that provides her health insurance (day one) and faculty housing while she’s teaching only one class,” AnnaNona offers as the highest-upvoted response to the OP’s question. This plotline seems to irk many fans, as does much of Monica Dutton’s presence, strangely.

“Lmao an associate professor with full benefits, housing, 70k salary. I know some starving academics—with full PhDs—who would KILL for that opportunity,” answers another Yellowstone fan to the situation.

Yet its fan BunkhouseRyan who clears things up for Monica with some true plot awareness:

“That was a favor for John Dutton. That’s why she got those things,” responds the aptly-monikered fan. “This is correct and made exceptionally clear by the dialogue. John even complimented Jaime for the idea,” they continue in another reply. “This isn’t bad writing at all. If anything, it’s accurate to real life. There is tons of back scratching in the professional world, no reason to think academia is any different.”

Alright, so, we have our answer on that one. Less “WTF” for Monica’s professorship and benefits and more “John Dutton gets what John Dutton wants.” Fair enough!

This next “WTF”, however, may ring a little bit more WTF-ey to other fans, as well.

‘Yellowstone’: Kayce Dutton’s Military Service is ‘Fuzzy’ at Best

Kasey’s military service,” offers AppropriatePhysics. “My memory is fuzzy but first he was going to go back overseas, then wasn’t, then was a former SEAL but kept talking about being a “soldier” and mentioned his “sergeant” while telling John about Pakistan…”

“Even if my details are wrong,” the Redditor continues, “I hate how cheesy/stereotypical/scattered/incorrect his backstory and military service is.”

“Yes the military backstory is fuzzy,” agrees fellow Yellowstone fan PennyRuthGadget. “When he considers going back in he says he hasn’t been out for a year yet. Plus it’s mentioned numerous times that he’s raising Tate on a reservation. But were Tate and Monica living there the entire time Kayce was enlisted? Were they all living away with him on a base somewhere? It’s never explained.”

“Where were they for the past 8ish years?” they ask. And fairly so. Sometimes, though, it’s better to let fiction be fiction. Expecting more solid, thoroughly-researched writing in a show as big as Yellowstone, however, is not a far-fetched ask.

From Curing Cancer to Dinosaur Bones…

As for us Outsiders, however, this next one takes the cake. Yellowstone fan VizzleG says the one big “WTF” for them boils right down to “John getting cancer, curing cancer and then getting a bleeding ulcer and then Surgery in the field and in the hospital all in 2 episodes.”

“And the vet doing the surgery…” agrees another Redditor.

Yeah… Okay, this one does require some immense stretching of the imagination throughout Season 2.

Finally, our honorable mention goes to MyOldFarm, who asks: “I wonder where the dinosaur bones Tate was digging up in season 1 are going to fit in…”

An excellent question, Yellowstone fan! When, exactly, will Tate Dutton and his dinosaur bones save the day?