‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Discovering Kevin Costner’s Music Call It ‘Whiskey for My Ears’

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” lead actor Kevin Costner is a man of many talents and doesn’t hold back when acting or singing.

On the ever popular Paramount Network series, Costner plays leading character John Dutton. John owns and operates the titular Yellowstone Ranch and the show follows his attempts to keep his ranch and family safe. Costner plays the grizzled cowboy to perfection as if John Dutton has always been a part of him. John’s fate on the show is a bit on the unknown side as we last saw him being shot in the chest by an unknown ambusher.

Costner has passions other than acting that he chases with the same gusto in which he plays John Dutton. He is a true outdoorsman and says he always finds time to explore different locations when not on set. He often speaks of his love of different geological features likes the mountains of Montana and the bayous of Louisiana.

Costner also has a love for music and he even has his own band. Kevin Costner and Modern West was founded by Costner in 2007. In addition to his duties as the group’s lead singer, Costner also plays guitar for the band. The country rock band has found success and even launched a world tour in October 2007. They released their very first studio album “Untold Truths” on November 11, 2007. They have put out four studio albums total with the latest coming in early 2012.

With the growing popularity of Yellowstone, many fans of the show are discovering Kevin Costner and Modern West’s music for the very first time. It is safe to say a lot of first time listeners are liking what they hear.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans on Kevin Costner’s Music

Recently, a Reddit user shares their experience of discovering the band’s music, calling it “Whiskey for my Ears.”

“Costner singing is whiskey for my ear,” the poster says. “Not every celebrity can pull off the music crossover, but if anyone could, why not the guy with gills? why not Kevin Costner singing about rural America is worth the listen?”

With John Dutton’s fate currently unknown, is it possible Costner could take a break from acting to focus on music? It certainly sounds plausible but is also unlikely. With the fourth season of Yellowstone just around the corner, Costner fans won’t have to wait much longer.