‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Are Just Now Discovering What ‘Rip Wheeler’ Actor Cole Hauser Looks Like ‘Without Scruff’

by Thad Mitchell

On the ever popular television series “Yellowstone,” actor Cole Hauser plays rough and tough cowboy Rip Wheeler.

To transform into Rip Wheeler, Hauser underwent some changes to his physical appearance. He put on some weight to make himself a more menacing and formidable presence on the Yellowstone Ranch. As Rip often engages in fighting, and typically wins in fighting, it is necessary for him to appear large, muscular and in shape. The Yellowstone Ranch foreman has been in several fights on the show and has won all but one. He intentionally loses a fight to Kayce Dutton in the second season in order to give him authority over the bunkhouse and command of the ranch workers.

Hauser, a natural “baby face,” also underwent a facial change of sorts. No, he didn’t have to reconstruct his nose or cheek bones, but he did make a small change that made a world of difference — he grew a beard.

There are not a lot of baby face cowboys out there, so the scruffy beard became a must for Hauser to pull off the burly character. As with many men, facial hair can completely change their appearance to the point where they look like a different person. This is certainly the case for Cole Hauser and his transformation into all around tough guy Rip Wheeler.

Yellowstone fans have taken to internet message boards, like Reddit, to share their thoughts on the hit show. Several Reddit users got a laugh upon discovering photos of a beardless Hauser. It also appears many did not like what they saw.

“I had no idea this is what Rip looks like without scruff,” a poster says. “And now I want you all to have to suffer through this with me.”

Yellowstone Fans Prefer a Bearded Cole Hauser

A couple of recent social media post show what a difference a little facial hair can do. Let’s first look at Hauser as Rip Wheeler, full beard and all.

This is the Rip Wheeler we all know and love. Decked out in mostly black, cowboy hat covering unkept hair and full beard. Everything about Hauser’s appearance as Rip screams rough and ready to rumble at a moment’s notice.

As he’s played the bearded Wheeler for three seasons, you have to try hard to find a pic of Hauser sans beard. It is there though if you look really hard. Here is a post with a photo of Hauser and his lovely wife, Cynthia, on a Yellowstone promotional tour. If you’ve not Hauser sans beard — prepare for a bit of shock.

What a difference a little scruff can make, right?

The new season of Yellowstone is quickly approaching and watchers certainly hope to get more Rip Wheeler. It’s probably a safe bet that Hauser will be keeping the beard.