‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Discuss Eerie Connection Between Season One Premiere and Season Three Finale

by Jon D. B.

“John and Rip…” One sharp viewer has pointed out these strong omens of death… and their clear foreshadowing for ‘Yellowstone’s main male protagonists.

Ah, Reddit. The land of everything and nothing all at once. To its credit, the social platform does, at least, harbor a fascinating and active ‘Yellowstone’ community. Within, fans often bring overlooked tidbits to life – and such is absolutely the case for one sharp Redditor of late.

Said sharp Redditor is bottiblue. In their post titled “John and Rip…”, bottiblue brings their observation to the forefront:

“Anyone remember how season one started? John putting down an injured horse?” they recall. “End of season three Rip put down an injured horse? Then the vultures flying overhead in the distance… What omens are the vultures? Unusual that both scenes were about injured horses…”

Doesn’t feel unusual at all! In fact, it feels highly relevant. Vultures circling overhead have long been viewed as heralds of death. Most vulture species feed exclusively on carrion – the fancy science word for dead stuff. As such, human creators since the dawn of time have long treated these unfairly-lauded birds as bringers of ill-will, diseases, plagues, bad luck, and above it all: said death.

On ‘Yellowstone,’ Reddit, and Omens of Death

“I didn’t think about that connection,” Redditor Kmokell15 says, first to reply to the observation. “The thing the opening scene with John made me think of was the opening scene of house of cards where frank kills the dog… You have to be a hard man to put down an animal with your own hands, even if it is a mercy [killing],” he continues.

As a wildlife tech, this author couldn’t agree more. Well said. But also, stay on topic, man! We’re talking about “Yellowstone,” here! Cable’s #1 drama!

“I like how you think,” IhateRush chimes in next. “My brain doesn’t work like that. Eventually, 5 years from now I’ll be in the shower at 6am rockin out to my shower playlist and I’ll put two and two together 5 years too late.”

Whether you, too, hate 80’s rock icon Rush or not, this is a very relatable sentiment, here. But it is also becoming clear that this thread is devoid of focus, so let’s pull back from the Redditors for a bit.

It’s a little less redundant than explaining the vultures as an omen of death… But the dead horses are also, dare we say, an omen of death. In short, ‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan is setting the stage for something very, very bad to happen to both John Dutton and Rip Wheeler.

Considering the deeds of both men, this should surprise absolutely no one. But whether these deathly omens will end their own lives – or the ones of those they love, however – that is the true question.

Regardless, this heavy-handed connection between the very beginning of the series and the explosive Season 3 finale does seem to bring some sort of closure to the first three seasons as a standalone affair. Perhaps, then, things are set to truly change for Season 4. And we can’t wait to find out this summer on Paramount+.