‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Discuss How Beth and Rip Are Relationship Goals

by Halle Ames

One of our favorite things about Rip Wheeler is his love for Beth Dutton. The two are 100 percent relationship goals. Just ask Yellowstone fans.

There is nothing quite as enduring as a tough man that has a soft spot for his woman. Rip Wheeler enters the chat.

Since the beginning of the Yellowstone series, Rip has had eyes for one girl and one girl only, Beth Dutton. And as cliche as it sounds, falling in love with the farmer’s daughter, Beth Dutton has come to terms and reciprocated those feelings. However, not through an easy or short courting process.

Beth Dutton never lets anyone in. After her mother’s death, she has closed herself off and kept everyone at arm’s distance, shielding her emotions with sharp-edged words.

Yellowstone’s Favorite Couple

But ever since the moment that John Dutton brought a dirty and scared teenage Rip to the Yellowstone, he has had Beth’s interest. The two bond over their traumatic childhoods and slowly generate feelings for each other. Those feelings took on the form of a baby, which, unknown to Rip, Beth aborted. The fling continued as they grew up, but when Beth saw the chance, she fled the Yellowstone for a bigger pond.

Unfortunately, their path’s crossed once again when Beth returned from Salt Lake City to attend her brother Lee’s funeral. John Dutton asks Beth to move back and thus restarts her relationship with Rip.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a rather unconventional relationship. I mean, their “first date” consisted of them drinking in the car as they watched wolves ripped a dead animal to shreds. Not exactly a romantic time.

During season two of Yellowstone, Rip proceeds to save Beth’s life in her office as she was being beaten to death by the Beck Brother’s hitmen. The scene was a fan favorite, as Rip fights through numerous gunshots to the chest to save the women he loves. And just as Beth requested, he didn’t say “I love you” again until it “could save her,” and boy did it.

They move in together and play house before Beth asks John’s permission to pop the question. But will Yellowstone fans get the big white wedding they so desperately hoped for? With Beth’s life hanging in the balance, we could see a bloody warpath instead of beautiful wedding bells.

Reddit Dishes On Relationship

We aren’t the only ones that adore the bad*ss duo. Yellowstone fans take to Reddit to discuss how Beth and Rip’s relationship has evolved throughout the seasons.

“I am a little obsessed with Rip and Beth (mainly Rip…not sure why…but I am!) I love that it starts with Beth being a bit of a b*tch towards Rip and him being vulnerable and obviously in love with her. Then by season 3, it’s Beth that becomes extremely vulnerable and even a little needy. They are both such flawed characters, but I love them together and even more knowing their shared past!

Another fan notes how Rip and Beth are an escape for one another.

“I read that Beth & Rip’s relationship was about healing for both of them. It’s so true! The scene when he watches her eat and she cries—such a contrast to the breakfast scenes at the big house. And dancing in the corral when she talks about the freedom to do whatever she wants. Rip gives her that.”