‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Discuss Which ‘Buckle Bunny’ Characters They Hope to See More of in Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

We might still be a ways away from the return of Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” but that won’t stop fans from discussing their favorite show.

“Yellowstone” fans have invaded internet message boards in an effort to get their modern western fix. We don’t yet have an official start date for season four but speculation is running rampant. In the meantime, we can tide ourselves over with various “Yellowstone” topics. A recent Reddit thread regarding the show asks fans their thoughts on “buckle bunnies” and their place on the show.

According to senior Yellowstone ranch hand Lloyd, a buckle bunny is an attractive female who hangs around rodeo events. The goal of a buckle bunny is to attract the cowboy of their dreams before they depart the arena. Here is a clip from the show in which Lloyd explains the finer points of attracting a buckle bunny to Jimmy.

The two primary buckle bunnies on “Yellowstone” are Mia and Laramie. Their inclusion in the show brings about a good deal of drama and makes for some great storylines. The two have become fan favorites amongst “Yellowstone” watchers. Many fans want to see their roles expand in the upcoming new season.

“I want Laramie and Mia to come back,” a Redditor says. “Laramie played her part well. She was being herself by bed-hopping and feeling no remorse…being a cowgirl.”

We first meet Mia in an earlier episode at a – you guessed – rodeo. She immediately takes up with Jimmy, who is a rookie on the rodeo circuit. Jimmy becomes smitten with Mia after she provides “comfort” to him while in the hospital for his injuries. The two make a wonderful couple and Mia’s presence on “Yellowstone” reveals Jimmy’s true character. Mia and Laramie take up residence in the bunkhouse which spices things up a bit among the cowboys.

After recovering from his rodeo injuries, Jimmy becomes conflicted on what steps to take next. His boss, “Yellowstone” ranch owner John Dutton, insists that he quit rodeo for good. Dutton also handles Jimmy’s medical bills racked up from the horse riding incident. Mia, on the other hand, insists that Jimmy continue on with the rodeo and implies she will leave him if he doesn’t. Jimmy chooses Mia, leading him to get back up on the horse again. The last we see of Jimmy in season three he is lying face down in the dirt after falling off a bucking horse. The poor guy could be dead or alive heading into the fourth season of “Yellowstone.”

Laramie takes up with Lloyd, who is several decades older than her. It is a strange sight to see the two together but it totally works for the show. Now, Lloyd finds himself in an interesting love triangle as we last see Laramie emerging from Walker’s bed. The odd love connection is one of the storylines fans want to see continue.

Will we see more of the buckle bunnies in season four? There is a high probability of that happening.