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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans ‘Expose’ Cast Leak, Dutton Family May Welcome New Member

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

With a bit of online sleuthing, ‘Yellowstone’ fans may have exposed a massive cast leak that will change the dichotomy of the Dutton family forever.

As the explosive Season 3 finale left the Duttons in shambles, it’s become anyone’s guess where S4 may lead. Even Beth Dutton herself – arguably the show’s most popular character – may not have survived it at all. Eagle-eyed fans, however, have new hope for Beth after a production leak points to an interesting future.

Rumors are swirling online that Beth actress Kelly Reilly is on set in Montana, after all. And she’s not alone! So who will be joining the Dutton daughter for next year’s season? All fingers point to a leak confirming a new addition to the Yellowstone Dutton family. But it’s not what you may think.

A new Dutton family member for Yellowstone Season 4?

While the casting has not been officially confirmed, several clues point to a 14-year-old actor joining the show in a prominent role. As it stands: Australian actor Finn Little just may be the newest Dutton for 2021’s Season 4.

]The teen, best known for his starring roles in ‘family drama’ Storm Boy, and Netflix’s series Tidelands, has some impressive experience under his belt. Any actor will need it, too, to keep up with the likes of Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly.

So what has fans convinced that we’re getting a new Dutton?

Firstly, Season 3 went a long way in foreshadowing such an addition. The story saw Beth’s feud with her adopted brother, Jamie, hit its absolute peak. One of the biggest revelations from their discourse, too, reveals why Beth detests her brother as she does.

In an absolutely wrenching moment, Beth tells her now-fiance Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) that she’s not capable of having children. Why? She had an abortion on an Indian reservation that resulted in her being sterilized. Who’s responsible for this? Not the reservation – but Jamie.

Such a bombshell may likely lead the strongest of the Duttons to adopt a child. Enter 14-year-old Finn Little.

Will Beth Dutton adopt a teen in Season 4?

This heavy foreshadowing has all fingers pointing to Beth adopting a teenager in the next season. Fans are all over it, too, sleuthing their way to several pieces hard evidence.

On Reddit, user tricklilicious clarifies:

“Finn Little joins the cast of Yellowstone for Season 4. He’s been taping with Kelly Reilly and it’s been speculated that Beth will adopt an older boy (he’s 14) next season.”


Could the damage done to – and by – Jamie – from his adoption being kept secret for so long – prompt Beth to adopt an older child? One that knows his own story from the start?

Another fan argues this proves the contrary. “After seeing Jamie’s life play out I’m thinking she’s taking a hard pass on the whole adoption thing,” the poster notes.

Beth, however, is anything but predictable. Not taking the naysayers lying down, “trickilicious” goes into detective mode and pulls a number of huge clues from social media.

“Instagram/Facebook. He’s in Montana right now taping Yellowstone.”

“He also thanked his manager for helping him, and traveled all the way from Australia to play this role, so it must be a fairly substantial one.”


Does this Yellowstone Leak hold up? It does!

Checking Finn Little’s Instagram ourselves, we can confirm he is indeed in Montana… for something:


Paramount will wrap production on Yellowstone S4 later this year. The studio is expected to announce a hard release-date for next year in the coming months.

Chances are, too, that we’ll see a casting announcement for the next adopted Dutton: Finn Little.