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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Find Small Clue Possibly Identifying Character Behind Beth Dutton’s Murder Attempt

by Jon D. B.
Photo Cred: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography

Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone Season 3 finale: While fans still debate Beth Dutton after the last riveting finale – a few sharp eyes may have revealed her fate – and the perpetrator behind it.

If you’re keeping up with Yellowstone, then you know what an absolute world-changer the S3 finale was for the Duttons. The entire family nearly met their end(s) – and the perpetrators? We have no idea – and they’re still presumably at large. While the fate of all the Duttons is in question – fan favorite Dutton daughter, Beth, may just have the biggest twist of all.

Brace yourselves. Sharp fans are convinced that Kelly Reilly’s phenomenal turn as Beth Dutton – has come to an end.

Just when things are looking up for Beth, tragedy strikes her and her entire family. The strong, sharp-witted woman finally makes her rocky relationship with Rip Wheeler final… only for an explosive package to arrive at her office – and deadly chaos ensues.

Has Beth Dutton met her end?

While the show leaves us questioning the fate of John (Kevin Costner), her father, and her brother Kayce (Luke Grimes), too – many fans are now convinced that it is actually Beth who’s time is done on the show. Could she have met her end in this wild explosion?

This mystery, however, will have to wait for the upcoming fourth season to hit screens in 2021 – for a true conclusion. In the meantime, a recent social post from actress Kelly Reilly may have revealed Beth’s fate a bit too soon. See for yourself:


Within the embed, Reilly writes on Instagram: “Thank you all who watched season 3. Hope you all enjoy tonight’s finale. what a wild ride it’s been xx @yellowstone.”

The caption is cryptic, is it not? It comes below a photo of her beloved character – and sounds like a sendoff if we’ve ever read one. This is, as such, pure speculation. But still – many fans are taking this as a clear cut sign that Reilly is done with the show. And they’ve got “evidence” of not only her death – but of the killer, too.

Reddit users continue sharing theories…

“Beth is dead. Support: Rip getting the ring.”


In another shocking – yet undeniably bizarre – sequence from the S3 finale, Rip digs up his mother’s grave to… retrieve her wedding ring. Apparently, this is what one does when one cannot afford a ring for themselves… Anyway – during the sequence, Rip begins speaking to his dead mother’s corpse – and the dialogue heard here may be hiding some sinister foreshadowing. Fans think so, anyway:

“While getting the ring says, ‘Maybe you can know her a little too somehow…. I don’t know.” – The whole conversation with Beth and Rip about their ethics being in agreement – she said: ‘When standing on the walls of the Alamo the outcome has already been decided. All that’s left is to kill as many as you can.’”


Are these not-so-subtle and highly cryptic bits of dialogue also heavily foreshadowing Beth’s future – or lack thereof? Could Beth be the first Dutton casualty revealed in Season 4? And if so – who the h*ll did it?

The answer may lie with a new rival of John Dutton’s – Roarke Morris, played by Josh Holloway. A crucial line of his may reveal everything from his guilt – to his motive.

Season 4 of Paramount’s hit show Yellowstone hits Summer 2021.