‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Fuming Over Show’s Jamie Dutton Post Claiming He ‘Doesn’t Deserve Kayce’

by Thad Mitchell

You would have a hard time finding a fan base more passionate about a television show than followers of the hit series “Yellowstone.”

Fans of the Paramount Network show simply cannot get enough of “Yellowstone” and its modern western goodness. The show is currently on an extended hiatus, but that won’t keep fans from their beloved Yellowstone Ranch. Fans cling to every social media post, YouTube video and pretty much anything else related to the show. Many fans have taken to online message boards to get their “Yellowstone” fix by chatting it up with fellow watchers. Some websites even have entire pages and forums dedicated to nothing but talk about the show. Fans love to share their theories and speculate on what might become of their favorite characters.

A recent social media post on the official “Yellowstone” Instagram has fans up in arms. The short video clip features a conversation between Jamie Dutton and his brother, Kayce Dutton. It is an intense scene as Jamie asks Kayce if he can still call him his brother.

“Family over everything,” the Instagram post proclaims with its caption.

Then “Yellowstone” clip shows Jamie seated at Kayce’s desk, seeking advice on how to deal with a situation within their family. Kayce assures Jamie that he still is and always will be family to him.

“I need some advice, brother,” Jamie says from the other side of Kayce’s desk. “If I can still call you that.”

“Til the day you die — you better not call me anything else,” Kayce replies.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Jamie’s Loyalty

His brother’s response draws a rare smile from Jamie, who seems relieved at Kayce’s candor. If you recall, Jamie finds out in season three that he was adopted by the Dutton family as an infant. Though they aren’t related by blood, the bond between Jamie and Kayce Dutton appears to be strong — to the dismay of some “Yellowstone” fans.

The post’s comment section is littered with “Yellowstone” fans spewing hatred toward Jamie. Some fans say that Jamie doesn’t deserve a brother like Kayce, as the former has betrayed his family more than once. Many fans also believe Jamie to be behind the attacks on the Dutton family to close out the third season.

“You’ve been warned Jaime you better not turn your back on family,” a “Yellowstone” watcher writes.

“Jamie, there is a trip to the train station in your future,” another fan writes. As all “Yellowstone” fans know, a “trip to the train station” is code for killing someone and hiding their body by pushing over a steep cliff.

Since his introduction in the first season, Jamie Dutton has been the most divisive character on the show. He is often in disagreement with his own (adopted) family, which leads many to believe he is behind the attacks.

With “Yellowstone” returning in the fall, our wait for answers is quickly narrowing.