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Yellowstone TV: Fans Highlight Obvious Continuity Error in Pivotal Season 1 Moment

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom / Yellowstone TV

As fans relive previous episodes ahead of Yellowstone Season 4’s premiere, one glaring Season 1 mistake has reared its ugly head.

Obviously, Yellowstone is our favorite show here at Outsider. For good reason, too. Everything from the impeccable lead cast to the Hollywood-level production value makes it the best modern Western of this generation. Even the most exceptionally produced ventures, however, will inevitably contain flaws. We are all human, after all.

Yellowstone fans the world over are re-watching Seasons 1-3 in anticipation of Season 4’s upcoming release. And while the experience is undoubtedly one to be relished, there are a few glaring slip ups early on that make for fun Easter eggs – or infuriating blunders for the perfectionists in the house. The production crew was undoubtedly still getting their bearings in Season 1, after all.

As the online community for Yellowstone continues to explode, more and more sharp viewers are pointing said errors out to fellow fans. And this one’s a doozy.

Yellowstone Season 1 Error: Holy Kacey Dutton, Batman!

In Season 1, Episode 3: No Good Horses, Kayce Dutton confronts a horde of intruders to protect his family. Namely his tiny (and adorable) son, Tate. The early episode takes an unusual turn, however, when Kayce travels out into his family’s lands – only to discover a pair of meth-heads who’ve kidnapped a young girl.

In the chaos, which involves a rattlesnake because why not, Kayce chases one of the Breaking Bad wannabes. His NAVY skills are shown to great effect in the sequence, as Kayce shoots one of the druggies in the shoulder to wound & down him.

The meth-happy-sprinter refuses to yield, though. As such, Kayce lassoes him to the dirt, killing him when the act results in the meth-head’s head finding a large rock.

During all of this, the Yellowstone “bad guy” is wearing a plain, bright white shirt. He’s been shot numerous times by Kayce, right? Therefore – we should expect some blood. A lot of it, in fact. We get it initially, but then it mysteriously disappears, as the gunshot – and blood – vanish between takes.

“[Kayce] is chasing after the guy in white. Right before he falls, the main character shoots him in the left shoulder. The mark disappears from his shirt after that,” the observant fan notes via EXPRESS.

“It’s a little hard to tell, as Kayce lands the shots when the guy briefly turns around to face him, and he is then only shot from the back,” the site continues. “However, this observant fan clearly found it strange that there was no semblance of blood or marks on the plain white shirt after the loyal Dutton pulled the trigger.”


The Western That Keeps On Improving

To this end, notable trade Vulture had several complaints with the Yellowstone episode when it originally aired.

“So … what was up with that Kayce subplot?” the site laments of the incident. “Kayce’s a likable character, well-played by Luke Grimes, but so far every time he appears in this show he’s stuck with the scraps of story ideas that Sheridan can’t seem to fit anywhere else.”

Undoubtedly, Kayce’s character & plot have improved tenfold since the inaugural season. And with Season 3’s insane cliffhanger, there’s no doubt Season 4 will be one for the books, too.

Stick with your fellow Yellowstone fans here at Outsider.com in anticipation of Season 4’s release this summer.