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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Lay Out Biggest Predictions for Season 4

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Let’s get right to it: Who is going to die in Yellowstone Season 4? We have our theories – and so do these incredibly sharp viewers.

Reddit’s Yellowstone forum has become an incredible source of viable fan theories and discussion. One such thread is gaining significant traction recently as the wait for Season 4 intensifies. Within, redditor Maxi64 posts his magnum opus on the subject: Thoughts on Yellowstone Season 4.

“I started watching Yellowstone a couple months ago, loved it so much I have now watched all 3 seasons twice,” Maxi begins. We absolutely feel you on this, good sir (or madam, er, viewer).

“The season 3 cliffhanger originally left me thinking there is no way they’d kill off one of the main characters yet,” he continues. “”The show is such a hit right now.”

Right after this relatable intro, however, Maxi goes straight for the jugular. “[Then] I watched this interview with Kevin Costner… I wasn’t aware that the show was originally meant for a mini series, not a multi season show. After hearing that, now I’m torn. If people were initially cast for one season, they may have other commitments and need to exit.”

The interview in question, while lengthy, is viewable below. Within, lead actor and Hollywood legend Kevin Costner does, in fact, point out this telling (and well known) detail. So what does this mean for the future of the show – and more to the point – how are fans interpreting it alongside Maxi’s revelation? What should we expect from Season 4?

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Get Candid with Season 4 Expectations: “Not Watching if Beth Gets Killed Off”

As for Maxi’s own theories, he “really can’t see Kayce Dutton being killed off.” Neither can we, especially when coupled with the show having already killed off eldest Dutton son Lee in Season 1, as the Redditor points out.

“He’s the only son left to run the ranch,” he continues. Hey now, Maxi, just because Jamie is adopted doesn’t mean he isn’t John’s son! The man told him as much!

“There’s no way it would be left up to Jamie,” he adds. Debatable, depending on who dies first, right? As for the patriarch himself, Maxi thinks “the bigger the lead the bigger the exit, and John, dying on the side of the road changing a tire doesn’t seem like it would be a grand enough departure.”

Obviously Yellowstone agrees with you here, Maxi, for several reasons. The first: Kevin Costner. ‘Nouf said. Secondly: we know he survives into Season 4, at least in the beginning.

“So that leaves me with Beth….” he adds. Well, what of the Dutton daughter? According to his own viewings twice-over, Maxi thinks Beth Dutton is far too large a part of the show to be killed off. “There is no other character like her to fill the void if she leaves. But from and edit standpoint there was a lot of foreshadowing of her departure this last season. The accelerated romance with Rip, when Beth said to Rip, “you better live longer than me, because I don’t want to live a day without you”, etc.”

All very fair points, Maxi. Yet it begs the biggest question…

Who’s Going to Die in Season 4?

This is where the rest of the Yellowstone community chimes in in response to the redditor’s expose. Within, many further’a fair point is made.

“I feel many ladies watch in large part due to Beth, my wife and daughter watch with me and both say they’re not watching if he kills Beth off,” redditor Esteban replies. We imagine the majority of viewers feel this way.

In addition, redditor LessAdministration says his piece, and throws poor young Jimmy under the bus in the process.

“The only one I could see diying is Jimmy. Definitely not Beth,” he says. “She is one the few interesting female characters of this show,they would not kill her. While Kayce is the heart of the show,and John will probably die only in the last season.”

TxMan91 pulls some strong points, as well, agreeing with Jimmy’s expendability. “Jimmy is really the only expendable member out of the cast members that were in jeopardy as the credits rolled. He could be dead, could be paralyzed, or he could be fine – but if anybody dies, it’s gonna be him,” he says.

Moreover, he lays out why John and Beth are definitely safe, in his opinion.

 “John is safe because Costner is THE draw of the show, and Beth is the female lead and they wouldn’t risk killing her off (she could be in a coma or have some serious injuries).” Honestly – we agree with both 100%.

Will… Anyone Die Come Yellowstone‘s Return?

Perhaps the most perceptive of replies, however, comes from viewer MontanaJoev. His bombshell?

“I really don’t think anyone dies.” … Do tell.

“While that is good for all the fans of those characters who were in peril,” he says, “it also feels like a massive cheat to me. Who is ever going to believe any major character is in jeopardy again after this kind of finale if no one dies? But I do believe that is where we’ll end up.”

Anyone who’s followed similar successful dramas in the past knows that this is a common thread. Uber popular characters, such as John and Beth Dutton, aren’t readily expendable for the majority of shows. Now Rip Wheeler, however, regardless of how incredible and beloved this treasure of a character is… we feel he is the one in true danger.

Who do you peg as survivor or not? Stick with your fellow fans at Outsider.com for all things Yellowstone – pre and post Season 4.