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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans are Lighting Up Over Kayce Dutton ‘Monsters Everywhere’ Clip

by Madison Miller
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Yellowstone Photo Gallery / Viacom

Everyone has a different idea of what modern “monsters” we have roaming around in today’s society.

From huge hairy spiders to alligators to murderers to politicians, everyone seems to agree to disagree.

The TV show “Yellowstone” recently shared a clip of the show on their Instagram page. It has fans trying to determine exactly what kind of “monster” Kayce Dutton is talking about.

Viewers already know Dutton is no stranger to some fighting words with lines like, “I promised my wife I’d kill you. All a man has is his word.” Kayce Dutton’s life is all about being a man of his word, even if that’ll take away someone else’s life.

There’s ‘Monsters Everywhere’

In the clip Dutton says, “There’s monsters everywhere in this world. You just gotta kill ’em when you find ’em.”

Dutton is the horseman and ranch hand and son of the ranch owner John Dutton. Together, they tend to the largest ranch. This brings up issues dealing with the land as well as people, or even monsters, in this case.

Instagram users were quick to hypothesize. For many, especially with the recent election season fresh in the mind, went straight to politics.

The first commenter said, “Yeah, there’s one in the White Haus [sic]. He’s leaving.” Her first comment unleashed a variety of people. Some responding with laughing emojis or a simple “amen” while others disagreed. Some claimed that “There is a bigger one coming.”

Another one, while not quite as specifically directed at one person, definitely still focuses on politics. They wrote, “Most of them in government.”

While the top comments were pretty serious and controversial, the rest was just a lot of appreciation for both Dutton and the show in general.

Whether it was a simple “Great show” or “Can’t wait for season 4!” it was just fans getting the opportunity to discuss their love for “Yellowstone.” In the same regard, others just feel some type of way about the man in the clip (character and actor).

“Those eyes” and “Love this guy!” were straight-forward examples of that.

Fans are excited for more “Yellowstone” episodes. Usually, past seasons have come out in June, so fans are hoping they’ll see season 4 in summer 2021.

Season 3 left fans on quite the cliffhanger.