‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Make Case for the Kevin Costner Series Being Better Than All-Time TV Classics

by Jennifer Shea

Is “Yellowstone” better than all-time TV greats like “The Sopranos” and “Sons of Anarchy”? Maybe so. That’s what some “Yellowstone” fans think, anyway.

While some of TV’s best dramas have more seasons to pick from than “Yellowstone” currently has, Taylor Sheridan’s epic Western has made the most of its short run so far. And Sheridan has said he can see “Yellowstone” running for at least six seasons. That puts the series currently about halfway through its overarching plot arc.

In a new Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans debated whether the Western, which stars Kevin Costner, could give “The Sopranos” and “Sons of Anarchy” a run for their money.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Compare It to Other TV Shows

The fans started by debating whether “Yellowstone” is greater than “Sons of Anarchy.” They then brought “The Sopranos” and “Game of Thrones” into the mix.

Some fans conceded that, much as they love “Yellowstone,” it isn’t quite up to the level of “The Sopranos” yet.

“’Yellowstone’ is good mindless fun with spotty writing along with a lot of plot holes,” one fan argued. “’The Sopranos,’ even with one clunker of a season, is still probably in the top 5 tv series of all time.”

“There has been no TV better than ‘The Sopranos,’” another fan agreed. “There have been better individual seasons, like Season 3 of ‘The Wire,’ but not better overall.”

But other fans jumped in to contend that “Yellowstone” is, in fact, better than those other shows.

“‘SOA’ definitely had some good seasons but overall I think ‘Yellowstone’ is so much better as a whole,” one fan posted.

“I’ve watched SOA countless times over and I jus like the modern western cowboys and Indians vibe better,” another fan agreed.

“Now say this is a ‘SOA’ sub lol,” yet another fan laughed. “That said, you’re not wrong.”

Taylor Sheridan Appeared on ‘Sons of Anarchy’

“Yellowstone” co-creator Sheridan acted in “Sons of Anarchy” as Deputy Police Chief David Hale. In 2010, he spoke to the Los Angeles Times about his character’s death on that show. And “Yellowstone” fans can only hope Sheridan didn’t take too many lessons away from “Sons of Anarchy” about the wisdom of killing off a fan favorite amid soaring ratings.

“I think it was really a great warrior’s death for him,” Sheridan said of Hale. “I think it’s very bold and very daring, and ordinarily in a series they don’t do that to characters that are so interwoven. It’s artistically a pretty incredible choice, even though I would have loved to have done the show for longer.”

Sheridan told the Times that “Sons of Anarchy” was brilliant for daring to tell stories in which the good guy doesn’t always win. Things happen that shouldn’t happen, he said, and that’s what keeps the audience glued to their seats.

With the fate of multiple fan favorites hanging in the balance at the end of Season 3, “Yellowstone” fans have to cross their fingers that Sheridan isn’t looking to make incredible artistic choices that result in the untimely death of their favorite Dutton anytime soon.