‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Make Season 4 Predictions in Anticipation of Show’s Return

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone are giddy with anticipation as their favorite show is now just weeks away from returning.

It’s been a long offseason for the Yellowstone faithful, but now, at last, there is an end in plain sight. No, we still don’t have an official premiere date for the upcoming fourth season but we know it’s coming next month. All of Yellowstone’s previous seasons have started up on Father’s Day, which this year falls on June 20. If season four follows suit, we are looking at about five weeks till our beloved show returns to us.

In the show’s absence, Yellowstone fans are doing what they do best — talking about Yellowstone. Online message board communities have become the place to be for lovers of the modern western drama. Some sites, like Reddit, have entire forums dedicated to nothing but Yellowstone talk. Discussions range from who attacked the Duttons to how Lloyd grooms his magnificent mustache and everything in between.

Now that a new season is nearly upon us, it’s time to get your last-minute season four predictions in. A recent Reddit thread asks fans for their thoughts and predictions on what’s going to happen on Yellowstone Ranch. Numerous fans chime into the discussion with their season four theories and speculation.

Obviously, a great deal of the season four storyline will deal with the fallout of the Yellowstone season three finale. The finale saw three members of the Dutton family come under attack. The fates John, Kayce and Beth Dutton are left totally up in the air and fans are hungry for answers. One thing most fans have in common is that want to see the Duttons fight back and obtain revenge.

“Some revenge is definitely going to happen,” a Reddit user says. “But first they need to find out who is guilty (which are probably Roarke and Willa).”

There is no shortage of suspects in the attack on the Yellowstone Ranch owners. Discovering the identities of the attackers and their motives figures to factor in heavily.

“I think the whole season will be a more of a “whodunnit” with flashbacks to how everything came together,” another fan states. “Like a Guy Richie movie.”

Another Yellowstone fan throws out a wild theory that hasn’t been discussed much. The Reddit user says it could be a lesser-known entity behind the ambush.

“We will find out that the motorcycle gang they kick off Yellowstone land was responsible for at least one of the attacks,” the fan says.

Another Yellowstone watcher throws out a prediction that maybe the attacks are all in someone’s head.

“Nah, it was all a dream of Johns and season 4 is going to kick off with him waking up,” the fan proclaims.

While some of these theories and predictions are more likely than others, Yellowstone fans love the season four guessing game.

With the new season quickly approaching, we will soon be getting the answers we have long craved.