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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Discuss Mysterious Disappearance of Beth Dutton’s Assistant, Jason

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Sure, we know how Beth Dutton‘s young assistant, Jason, dies on “Yellowstone.” We literally watched it happen, as did she. But what in the world happened after that? Didn’t anyone come looking for Jason?

“I have a question about Beth’s assistant, Jason (spoilers),” Redditor mideonequalsratings tells the class in light of this conundrum. The class being, of course, the ever-active “Yellowstone” fan board on the popular social media site.

As for the actual question, Mideon, as we’ll call them, asks: “Did [Jason’s] family or any loved ones ever question why he just vanished off the face of the earth? Because I’m pretty sure after the attack at Beth’s office, the Duttons were adamant that there not be any police involvement.”

What a great question, Mideon. Jason, played by actor David Cleveland Brown, appeared in six episodes of “Yellowstone” overall, and made quite the impression as Beth constantly belittled him. Then, by the end of Season 2’s “”Enemies By Monday” episode, she was forced to watch him die a brutal death right before her eyes. But what the hell happened after that? Didn’t… anyone come looking for Jason and ask why he died?

While the pros of “Yellowstone” absolutely outweigh the cons, big ol’ plot holes like this aren’t uncommon. To this exact end, fellow Redditor Gitalong replies “Just one of a bazillion loose ends in this series, but I still LOVE IT! Lol.”

But seriously, where’s the fallout? Jason was around for… quite a lot. And this horrific Season 2 episode was full of consequences.

Redditors ‘Decode’ Jason’s ‘Yellowstone’ Aftermath

Speaking to this, Redditor OK_Cauliflower thinks, for their part, that “It sounds like the Duttons “cleaned up” this mess [at Beth’s office] so my guess would be Jason went to the ‘train station’ or somewhere he won’t be found and the family will assume he went missing.”

We’re not sure where Cauliflower is going with that last bit, though. We clearly watched – as did Beth – Jason die in real time.

OP Mideon, however, isn’t having any of this as answers for poor young Jason. “Of course the family will assume he went missing,” they reply. “But Jason wasn’t some drugged out drifter. They’ll go to the police and say he was last known to be working for Beth Dutton. Then they’ll ask Beth if she knows what happened to Jason. And she’ll say….. what exactly? I feel like the most half assed investigation would reveal what really happened to him.”

It’s Redditor AnnaNonna, though, that comes in with the truth. “There wasn’t any followup to Jason’s death,” Anna adds. “Beth expressed concern over what to tell Jason’s parents but John was dismissive. I don’t think it was ever mentioned again.”

Another user then points out that they remember “Beth’s concern and that was it… I remember it because I thought it would be another subplot down the road. I guess it still could be.”

That it could. “Yellowstone” has quite a few plots dangling in the air. And to this end, frequent “Yellowstone” Redditor RipsLittleCoors has the absolute best answer of them all. So what does RipsLittleCoors say happened to Jason, you ask?

“He’s flying a plane with a bomb in it carrying a load of dinosaur bones packed in a saddlebag attached to Lucky, Tate’s horse. His destination is kacey’s old seal team, where cowboy and avery eagerly await his arrival. He plans to fly the ranch helicopter back to Montana when he’s done. He will have Jamie’s baby mama riding back with him.”

Priceless. Thank you for this, RipsLittleCoors (what an apt name for a “Yellowstone” fan account). Outsider is going to make t-shirts with Jason’s face on the front – and this description in full on the back. And they’ll absolutely sell out.