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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Offer Best Evidence Why Malcolm Beck May Still Be Alive

by Thad Mitchell

With the season four premiere still months away, fans of hit series “Yellowstone” are pining for its return and answers to its many question.

Yellowstone has a robust and loyal fan base that have followed the Paramount Network Series through its first three seasons. With the show currently on hiatus, fans of the modern western are entertaining themselves the best way they know how.

The online community on Reddit has become a hot bed for fans to theorize and speculate on the show’s future and status of their favorite characters. There are plenty hypotheses surrounding the fate of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton for sure. The fate of Yellowstone Ranch hand Jimmy, last seen falling from a horse, is also a hot topic. A wedding of show favorites Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton is often a topic of discussion on the message board.

Yellowstone Fans Speculate on Return of Show Villain

Recently, some fans have revisited the ending of season two in hopes of a return for one of the show’s top villains. Though he is believed to be dead, some Yellowstone fans are wondering if Malcolm Beck might actually still be alive.

Even though we see him gravely injured at the end of season two, we don’t actually see him die. After being shot multiple times, John Dutton leaves Malcolm to suffer through his final breath.

Reddit user Primary_Thing3968 speculates that Beck could still be alive. He also says the Beck brother could be behind the attacks on the Dutton family to close out the third season.

Malcolm Beck and his brother Teal kidnap John Dutton’s grandson Tate Dutton near the end of season two. It is a ploy to get the Duttons to willfully cooperate with their scheme. Kayce Dutton, Tate’s father, shoots and kills Teal after learning his son’s whereabouts. During the ensuing shootout, Malcolm is shot and is presumably, but not confirmed, dead.

“Could it be possible that he actually survives and that he was the one behind the assasination attempt on John Dutton at the end of season 3 as revenge for the death of his brother?” the Reddit poster asks.

While it is unlikely, it is an entirely plausible scenario. Could a presumed dead Malcolm Beck reemerge and take revenge on the Dutton clan? Will he be a primary villain in the upcoming fourth season of Yellowstone?

With the new season drawing ever closer, fans of the hit show won’t have to wait much longer for answers.