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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Offer Best Guesses on How to Make Rip Wheeler’s Signature ‘Pancake’

by Thad Mitchell

As they anxiously await a new season, fans of hit television series “Yellowstone” are tiding themselves over as best they can.

Internet message boards run rampant with speculation on how the show’s fourth season will play out. Many “Yellowstone” watchers are revisiting previous seasons in hopes of discovering new clues. Others are comparing their favorite modern western series to other shows, hoping to find similarities in order to predict the new season.

There is certainly plenty to talk about and discuss while Yellowstone is on hiatus. The third season finale completely changes the game on the Yellowstone Ranch with the Dutton family under attack. Much of the upcoming fourth season is likely to revolve around the reveal of who ambushes the Duttons in the season finale. It’s a pretty sure bet that the Dutton clan, and their ranch hands, will be out for revenge at some point in season four.

Some fans, however, like a few on message board community Reddit, are choosing a much simpler topic to discuss. A recent thread on the forum poses the question of how to make Rip Wheeler’s famous “pancakes.”

Yellowstone Fans Want Rip Wheeler’s ‘Pancake’ Recipe

Though he’s not exactly Betty Crocker, the rough and tough cowboy, played by Cole Hauser, appears to know his way around a kitchen. Preparing breakfast for the love of his life, Beth Dutton, Rip whips up a bread-like dish that looks like a large pancake at first glance.

“I’ve seen these in two episodes now, and they look delicious,” the Reddit user Yellowstone fan says. “Doesn’t look like a regular pancake. Does anyone know what this is, or how to make it?”

Upon further inspection, other participants in the thread say it is “fry bread” that Rip makes for breakfast. Fry Bread is a North American dish made of flat dough bread, fried or deep-fried in oil, shortening or lard.

“Rip says it when he asks if she’s ever had Indian Fry Bread,” a Reddit poster shares. “I had to make some after this episode, it’s awesome.”

With season four quickly approaching, Rip is going to have a lot more on his mind than cooking up fry bread for breakfast. His first order business will likely to hunt down and kill whoever attacked Beth. With new season now just months away, Yellowstone fans won’t have to wait long for answers.