‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Offer Wild Theories on Whether Beth Dutton Should Be Dead or Alive

by Thad Mitchell

One of the biggest questions heading into the fourth season of Yellowstone is the status of fan-favorite, Beth Dutton.

Beth is a favorite of the Yellowstone faithful for her fearless attitude, quick wit and sharp tongue. She is the queen of Yellowstone Ranch and if you cross her…well, a price must be paid. We’ve seen what happens to characters on the show that run afoul of Beth.

Prime example: when the assassins sent by the Beck Brothers in the second season.

After an attempt to threaten Beth into cooperating with the Becks, the attackers are dispatched by the bunkhouse boys. The Dutton Ranch boys later placed the attackers’ bodies to hang on the Beck brothers’ patio. It is well established that Beth is not to be messed with and severe consequences will fall on those who do.

Despite this knowledge, an unknown entity attacks Beth in the third season finale. She gets a package bomb, which detonates in her office when her assistant opens it. Like her father, John Dutton, and brother, Kayce Dutton, her status is up in the air. Yellowstone fans now wonder if the blonde bombshell is dead or alive heading into the new season.

Fans Weigh in on Beth Dutton’s Status

Beth’s status for season four has been a big topic of discussion for fans of the Paramount Network series. The Yellowstone faithful gather in online forum communities for some spirited discussion and debate. A favorite pastime of Yellowstone fan is to come up with theories regarding the status of key characters. Judging by a recent Reddit thread, some fans put some deep thought into creating theories.

“In my opinion, the writers would have been stupid to kill her character so early if there are to be at least 2 more seasons,” the thread starter writes.

Several more Yellowstone fans use the thread to post their own theories on Beth’s fate. It makes for some Yellowstone entertainment as fans continue to wait for the new season.

“I reckon she’s alive and the explosion would cause the windows to shatter which would allow Beth to get forced outside landing on the road badly wounded but alive,” another poster says. “I think it would be stupid for them to kill such a powerful character.”

Yellowstone Fans Hope Beth Dutton Prevails

The overwhelming majority of Yellowstone fans hope Beth makes it out of the explosion alive. While most want her to prevail, some say they would understand the purpose of killing off a primary character.

“She should be dead” another Reddit user posts. “Who could survive that explosion? But she’s more than likely alive because her character is super popular with women.”

Other fans wonder if her character has run its course. Beth has had a whirlwind of action through the first three seasons and her character has evolved throughout Yellowstone’s three seasons. Is it possible that the show’s writers simply think it’s time to move on without Beth? Some fans seem to think that could be the case.

“Maybe the writers felt like she had exhausted all of her storylines,” a poster writes. “Her falling in love with Rip, the story about her hysterectomy and she was let go from her company. Maybe she really is dead.”

Our best advice regarding Beth’s status for Yellowstone is to hope for the best and expect the worst. With the new season drawing near, fans won’t have to wait much longer for answers.