‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Pinpoint Clue About John Dutton Attackers’ Van Find That Could Hint at Their Next Move

by Thad Mitchell

It has been several months since the third season of Yellowstone came to a close but fans are still buzzing about the season three finale.

The Yellowstone finale saw the Dutton family, the series’ protagonists, come under attack from unknown assailants. The fate of the three Duttons is very much up in the air as we head into season four.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans speculate there could be even more carnage than what was shown in the finale. Yellowstone watchers discover what could be a telling tidbit regarding the attack on John and the direction the getaway van is traveling. A couple of fans notice the van was traveling in the same direction that John was traveling before being shot. It is also interesting that the gunman had to ask John what his name is before shooting him.

“Those guys in the van very well could have hit the ranch and we’re making their getaway when they just happen to come across John on the side of the road,” the Reddit user writes.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe Second Explosion a Possibility

A separate poster agrees with the theory that the van-driving bandits could have been driving to or from the ranch.

“They were headed to the ranch I bet,” the poster says. “John was traveling in the same direction as them.”

The theory correlates with another theory that a separate explosion occurs off-camera at Yellowstone Ranch. Eagle-eye watchers, and listeners, think Monica Dutton could have the target of another attack. They point out that an explosion can be heard while she is talking to her husband, Kayce, just before he comes under siege. The Yellowstone attack theory is further supported by what fans describe as a “look of concern” on Monica’s face while on the phone with Kayce.

“At the 42:38 mark there is an explosion at the Ranch after Monica yells Kayce a second time,” another Reddit user says. “This is 9 seconds after gunfire erupts at the livestock office. Monica also turns to the direction of the explosion.”

Yellowstone knows how surprise its viewers. It is a theory that may very well play out.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the new season of their favorite show and the premiere is drawing near. There is no official start date yet, but most expect a June date for the premiere of season four. If the show follows trends of the previous three seasons, we could be seeing new episodes beginning Father’s Day weekend. That would give Yellowstone a June 20 start, which is under two months away.

Hang in there Yellowstone fans. Answers to our burning questions are coming soon.