‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Point Out ‘Amazing’ Fact About Season 2 Episode

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone Season 2 transformed the show into a fortified blockbuster franchise, and the insane changes its Episode 3 brought still have fans reeling.

‘S2 E3 Miracle…’

Such is the byline one passionate fan leads his discussion with. Over on the Yellowstone Reddit board, sharp fans continually discuss the nuances of the best drama on television, with Friday’s discussion being no exception.

Season 2, Episode 3 is “The Reek of Desperation,” and holds the honor of being one of the biggest transition episodes in the franchise so far. And as is typical with Yellowstone, no change comes without intense consequences.

“I just finished watching it for the umpteenth time…AND NO HUMAN OR ANIMAL DIED! Amazing!” Redditor 7ruby18 decrees of the episode. It’s a shock to be sure, as this entry opens with Kayce and father John Dutton discussing the moving of their herd. Like much of what John does with his offspring, this is a test for Kayce. And Kayce passes. But not without the intensity that follows.

“The magic of television,” one Redditor responds to 7ruby18’s amazement at the episode’s lack of “fallout.”

“RU certain things weren’t photoshopped out? Lol,” another fan adds. Silly Yellowstone fan, that’s not how it works! Well, it is with special effects in many instances, but for this episode it all boils down to the “convenience” of writing for plot and not wanting any of your main characters to die unceremoniously.

‘Yellowstone’ and the Miraculous Survival of One Jimmy Hurdstrom

One such character is Jimmy, who absolutely should be dead a hundred times over. Encountering some old bum adversaries in a local convenience store, Jimmy is almost bullied into buying them supplies to make meth. They pick a fight by knocking his cowboy hat off his head – and Jimmy responds with fists a’swinging. He knows he can’t win this fight, however, and heads back to the truck.

When the men try to pull Jimmy out and beat him within an inch of his life, Avery is thankfully present to unload bear spray onto the jackasses before speeding away.

The Redditors don’t mention Jimmy Hurdstrom by name in their discussion, but he’s an obvious “how is he still alive?” from Season 2, Ep. 3.

Most of our focus heading into Season 4 is the survival of the Dutton family proper. Yet we can’t overlook other beloved characters whose lives hang in the balance – over and over again, in Jimmy’s case.

When we last left the troubled youngster, he was (again) fighting for his life after (another) rodeo disaster. But is Jimmy to blame fully for this? Or is his girlfriend, Mia, simply the worst influence of all time?

Many fans, however, argue that Mia is the reason he continues to fight for his life. But when push comes to shove, our decisions must be our own. And Jimmy is far, far from skilled at making his own decisions.

Thankfully, we know for sure that fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom will be back for Yellowstone Season 4 – so we’ll eventually know how this all plays out. But what the hell will he be up to?

Jimmy’s actor, Jefferson White, is confirmed for spinoff 6666… Which will take place far south in Texas. How will Jimmy, a branded man, ever leave the Duttons to go to Texas?

We’ll know once the hotly-anticipated Yellowstone Season 4 hits this summer.