‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Point Out Lack of One Type of Characters Ahead of Season 4

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone is a breakneck world, and we love the show for it. Yet fans are now noticing the absence of one particular type of character that could soften such a harsh world.

Whenever Outsider wants to put our finger on the pulse of the Yellowstone fandom, we turn to the show’s ever-active Reddit board. There, fans tackle every question, praise, and/or issue with the Modern Western via raucous gusto. And the latest feels something of a revelation.

“Has anyone noticed the distinct lack of pets at Yellowstone?” u/SalemBlack1692 asks his fellow fans. Wait a minute. Now that you mention it… Absolutely!

“No dogs or cats,” Salem notes. “Seems unusual (and unrealistic) for a farm (or ranch) to not have these animals. In fact I can imagine John having a trusty dog. I wonder why there aren’t, given the amount of money spent on production?”

To which Redditor carolinamary409 replies perfectly with: “I don’t know, but I feel confident in saying Jamie is definitely a cat person.”

Jokes aside, Yellowstone is definitely a pet-less world. So what gives? Fans certainly have a few excellent answers up their sleeve.

“They have Jamie,” echoes u/ghxstfacekillah. Had to throw that one in there first. Though, “In retrospect, a trusty dog would have been a better choice…” u/KittenOfBalnain retorts. Classic.

Okay, now we’re past the jokes.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Dissect Absence of Dutton Pets. What Gives?

“Ever notice that when you kick your Dog, they bite you ? John’s about to get Bit…” Redditor Ok-Faithlessness8646 adds of Jamie.

It’s true, according to the Season 4 trailer, Jamie and his adoptive father are now “at war.” So why not have a few pets around the house to soften things up? Or is that the exact reason?

“I’m quite sure the lack of house pets is deliberate, since a pet would ‘soften’ the harsh, awkward bare-knuckles interaction between the various family members,” Redditor iheartsev observes.

Other Yellowstone die-hards, however, will know that we have seen dogs on the show.

“Herding dogs were shown herding cattle at different times,” cites eagle-eyed fan Luvsplants123.

But from someone who comes from a long line of cowboys, there’s a huge difference between a pet and a working dog. And ranch dogs are typically working dogs only. The Duttons may “own” dogs, but they’re certainly not pets. Horses are “pets” to some, too. But to the Duttons, they’re livestock.

“Every ranch in that part of the world has a working dog or two. Those dogs would have yapped their heads off when the kidnappers came to steal Tate,” u/flat-flat-flatlander says. “I had to tell myself someone threw the dogs steaks or something, to keep them quiet.”

Let’s… Not think about that. Perhaps it is best with all the Duttons go through that there are no dogs to come into harm’s way. It’s one thing for audiences to watch a man’s life end. But a dog? Nope. Big ol’ nope. There would be rioting in the streets.

Redditor VeryLowIQIndividual addresses this. “John cant use a dog to further his agendas, so no, I’m not surprised,” they say. “Everything in his life has a use to make him money or retain control.”

Nailed it. Someone has a higher IQ than they give themselves credit for!

The pet-less world of Yellowstone returns November 7 on Paramount Network.