‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Point Out Shocking Sale Price of the Horses in Season Three

by Halle Ames

“Yellowstone” fans point out the shocking sale total from the horse auction in season three’s ‘Cowboys and Dreamers’ episode.

Season three of “Yellowstone” had many twists and turns. One of the new titles we are still getting used to is Kayce Dutton, Livestock Commissioner. Although Kayce is a natural at the job, he continuously rejected the offer at the position until Governor Perry didn’t give him the option to say no.

One of the first tasks Kayce is faced with is a horse trainer, like himself, that commits suicide. You may think, well, why does this fall into the Livestock Commissioner’s hands? Well, so did Kayce.

The man, Boyd Nelson, owned roughly 300 broodmares and foals, however, he was being foreclosed by the bank. Seeing nothing else to do, Nelson shot himself in the head, shocking “Yellowstone” fans.

Kayce asks if the bank would take all the animals from the family. They would. Naturally, since Kayce has a soft spot, one we refer to as a savior complex on “Yellowstone,” he hatches an idea to round up all the horses and sell them before the bank can take them. With the money he gets from the sale, he would give to Boyd’s widow and his children.

Reddit Questions Sale Price

Yellowstone” fans took to Reddit to ask about the shockingly cheap price Kayce sold the horses for in season three.

“Doesn’t seem right mathematically. They sold 300 horses and got $16k even with a buyer’s premium that seems INCREDIBLY low. Anyone who knows about cattle or horses weigh in?”

Ask, and you shall receive. A few more “Yellowstone” and horse experts jump in to discuss the price, breaking it down to the low cost of each horse.

“When I first saw that episode, I grabbed my calculator, and that figured out to $53.33 per horse. Nowhere on the planet can you buy a steak that size for that price. Maybe the horses ended up in cans of cheap dog food, and that’s why the payment was so low.”

‘Yellowstone’s Illegal Activity

You can barely get a shelter dog for that much, let alone a full-grown horse! Another “Yellowstone” fan jumps in to note that this is an under-the-table deal. Therefore, Kayce had to take what he could get.

“It’s probably low for a legal sale, but you’re not factoring in the fact that the Horses technically were stolen from the Bank, so they had to be off loaded quickly, and the bank could never find out what happened to them.”

This “Yellowstone” fan agrees, saying the horse mamas and their babies have a grim future ahead.

“Selling 300 horses at one auction without any kind of papers, training, or background – they’re going to the glue factory, or somebody is going to pick the good ones and resell the rest. That’s more of a hassle than anything, so the low price doesn’t raise much of an eyebrow.”

So far, Kayce hasn’t gotten any backlash from the bank about the illegal deal. However, will we see that in “Yellowstone” season four? The widow was very appreciative of Kayce’s heroic deed, and so was the rest of the ranching community, who waited for Kayce at his office to applaud his brave efforts on their behalf.