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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Point Out Strange Detail About Beth Dutton’s Relationship with Her Mom in Flashback Scenes

by Thad Mitchell

With a sharp tongue, sassy personality and fierce loyalty to her father, Beth Dutton is one of the most beloved characters on “Yellowstone.”

The ever popular Paramount Network modern western drama is currently on hiatus with a return now just a few months away. Producers of the hit series say filming for the fourth season is done and the waiting game is on for fans of the show. Yellowstone fans can hopefully expect to see the series return this summer.

Only three seasons into the series, Yellowstone has already built a loyal and easily excitable fan base. A big reason for the show’s huge success is the wide ranging appeal to a diverse set of viewers. Yellowstone is a family, political, law enforcement and ranch-life drama all rolled into one complete and entertaining series.

While fans eagerly await the return of their favorite show, they are passing the time asking questions and coming up with theories on how the upcoming season will play out, who is dead, who will die and who will survive.

Beth Dutton is a central character on the show and her storyline revolves around the relationship with her family. She seemingly would go to the ends of the earth for her father, family patriarch John Dutton. Beth also seems to love her brother Kayce, his wife Monica and her nephew Tate. However, it’s no secret she totally despises her other brother, Jamie, after an incident in their childhood left her infertile and unable to conceive a child.

Beth Dutton Has a Complex Relationship With Her Mother

But perhaps her most interesting relationship is with a character who isn’t even in the present timeline of the show. Through flashbacks, it reveals Beth has a high level of disdain for her mother and the feeling is mutual.

The relationship between Beth and Evelyn Dutton is complex. Evelyn died falling off of a horse during Beth’s youth.

While she passed away several years ago, it is obvious that her mother’s death has implications still today for Beth. The younger Dutton says the day still haunts her and says her mother had no love in her eyes as she died.

A Reddit user recently points out details about the mother and daughter relationship are conflicting. While Evelyn is cruel to Beth in her death flashback scene, she is comforting to her daughter in another flashback scene.

In one flashback, Evelyn can be seen encouraging a bathing Beth who has just entered into womanhood.

“I’m going to tell you something that my mother told me and you are not going to like,” the mother says. “Everything will be different now.”

Evelyn goes on to tell her daughter that she plans to “toughen her up” as she enters the next phase of her life.

“I am going to have to be hard on you, honey,” she says. “I have to turn you into the man that most men will never be.”

Evelyn’s “tough love” approach certainly appears to have took with Beth. Despite being the only female in the Dutton family, Beth might be the toughest person on Yellowstone Ranch.

With the season four premiere looming closer, will fans get more details on the mother-daughter relationship? Will there be more flashbacks revealing how Evelyn was able to “toughen up” Beth? Will images of her mother’s death and lack of love in her eyes continue to haunt Beth? Is Beth even still alive?

The answers to those questions are just a short time away as Yellowstone prepares to return.