‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Point Out the Ridiculous Number of Layers John Dutton Wears in a Scene

by Halle Ames

“Yellowstone” fans point out one John Dutton scene where the family patriarch was wearing a ridiculous amount of layers.

Montana is cold. Cut the guy a break!

John Dutton is a silver fox and fashion icon throughout the “Yellowstone” series. From his dirty boots to his beloved cowboy hat, John knows how to dress. However, are there times where he may be… over-prepared for the Montana elements? Fans debate the issue.

Reddit Laughs at Photo of Bundled John Dutton

The photo posted by a Reddit fan shows a bundled John rocking a black cowboy hat, not one…not two… BUT FOUR layers. He has a white button-up, grey quarter zipped, ANOTHER grey jacket, and finally an olive, thick canvas jacket on top.

Sheesh! If it isn’t ten degrees on set, this man is about to be sweating!

The social media user admitted that the scene actually made them chuckle at the absurd amount of clothing.

“I never make comments while a show is on, but I legit paused, counted, and laughed at the amount of zippers and layers during this scene… I truly think it needs one more to be perfect.”

Another “Yellowstone” fan wrote below, noting the jeans John Dutton pairs the shirts with.

“Too bad he’s wearing button-fly jeans.”

However, another person stated that the cowboy in their life always sports Levis jeans.

“My gramps is an old tough as nails cowboy who has worn button fly levis for his entire life.”

On the other hand, this person brings up a very valid point.

“I thought that’s how you dressed if you were going to be out (especially cowboys) all day. Then you could take layers off as it got warmer.”

Montana Weather

Maybe that was the plan? John Dutton dressed for the chilly Montana mornings and slowly shed layers of jackets and quarter zips and other various unforeseen layers.

Here is the thing with Montana and other western state’s weather. They are the best of both worlds but incredibly sneaky about it. You wake up, and it’s freezing outside, so you bundle up. By lunchtime, it’s nearly 80 degrees, so you de-layer down to the bare minimum that is socially acceptable. When the evening rolls around, you are shaking like a leaf once again.

Unless it’s the winter… Then it’s always freezing. Like, avoid the outdoors unless you have a snowsuit type of weather.

John Dutton and the rest of the Montana natives are not strangers to this. Maybe we should take a few notes from the “Yellowstone” star.