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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Point Out ‘One Thing’ About the Western Fashion on Display During the Series

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

There are a thousand reasons why one might enjoy watching “Yellowstone” and all of them are perfectly fine reasons to love the Paramount Network series.

Some “Yellowstone” fans watch the show for the immediate suspense it provides from episode to episode. Some watch the modern western drama to enjoy the overall character development that the show thrives on. Many enjoy the twist and turns that are seemingly around every corner of the Yellowstone Ranch. Others love the western style and ranching cowboy life portrayed on the hit show. No, there is no wrong reason to enjoy “Yellowstone” and the entertainment it provides in droves.

A recent Reddit thread brought about another reason the show has such a robust and loyal fan base – the fashion. Yes, the modern west look and fashion appeal to many “Yellowstone” watchers. Some even try to copy some of the style and fashion they see on “Yellowstone.” Whether it be Rip Wheeler’s short black jacket, Monica’s tasteful handbags or Beth Dutton’s flair for jewelry, many find themselves in love with the show’s fashion sense. A few posters in the Reddit thread discuss their favorite character looks and western fashion.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing the fashion they wear like the clothing and western gorgeous hats,” a Reddit user says. “Most of all, I like the Native American jewelry. I enjoy things like the rings, bolos and the necklace on the lady in the shop Beth wrecked. Beth’s earrings and that huge square turquoise ring she has worn are great. Mo wears some exceptional pieces.”

Other “Yellowstone” fans say they have seen the show’s fashion trends evolve through the first three seasons. The poster appears particularly fond of the blue jeans worn by the bunkhouse cowboys.

“The men’s jeans got more fitted through the seasons,” the “Yellowstone” fan notes. “Less loose butts — especially Kayce’s and I’m not complaining, mind you.”

No matter why you watch “Yellowstone,” we’re all fans looking forward to the arrival of a new season. When that new season might come is anyone’s guess. We believe season four will premiere this month but we have no officials word on that. Many fans think the fourth season will premiere on Father’s Day, which falls on June 20. All three previous seasons have premiered on Father’s Day and it’s a date “Yellowstone” fans should probably pay attention to.

We may have to wait a little longer but we’re getting close — and that is music to the ears of the “Yellowstone” faithful.