‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Are Pointing Out a Simple Answer to the Dutton Family’s Land Battle

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans have hit on a seemingly simple and elegant solution to John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) quandary over the trust and the ultimate fate of his ranch.

In a post to Reddit yesterday, one fan pointed out that there is a way for Dutton to resolve the nasty land battle that’s brewing as Season 3 ends.

“I am still screaming at the TV,” the fan posted. “The answer to all these people wanting to take the ranch is so simple, but NO ONE has thought of it. Put the ranch, ALL OF IT in a trust in the name of TATE DUTTON. He’s a member of the tribe, and Indian land cannot be condemned or Emminent Domain’d by the state.”

The fan maintained, however, that Dutton is “a friggin idiot” to turn down half a billion dollars in exchange for selling a corner of his ranch to the hedge fund.

“The entire family would be set for life and they would still have a s— load of land to live on,” the fan posted.

Other Fans Point Out the Flaw in That Solution

Fellow “Yellowstone” fans were quick to praise the solution. They called it a “big brain moment” and “the best idea ever.”

Still, they pointed out that if series co-creator Taylor Sheridan wrote that solution into the show, it would too neatly resolve the messy drama that keeps the show going.

“But then there wouldn’t be a show,” one fan posted. “We NEED it to be complicated…”

“This is absolutely the way to go… but then we wouldn’t have a show,” another fan chimed in. “This should basically be the last scene of the Season 5 or 6 SERIES finale.”

“You may have just spoiled Season 6. lol,” another fan observed.

“I think that’s obviously where the show is headed to,” yet another fan suggested. “But they are just trying to extend season count – which I’m here for.”

How Many Seasons of ‘Yellowstone?’

Filming has already wrapped on Season 4, which is likely to premiere sometime this June. And all signs point to a Season 5 of the show.

That’s because the Montana Film Office recently awarded “Yellowstone” a $50,000 grant to film the series in Montana, around Darby and Hamilton. The grant, the Big Sky Film Grant’s Feature Film and Television Grant, aims to encourage production companies to create film industry jobs in Montana towns.  

So with Season 4 in the bag and Season 5 already planned, how many seasons will the show last? Sheridan hinted in an interview with Deadline last summer that the show can’t go on indefinitely. He said he could see another two seasons “beyond this.” And he was speaking as Season 4 filming got underway. That puts the series finale at the end of Season 6.

But the show’s popularity is higher than ever. So it seems possible that Sheridan could be tempted to add one more season. Who knows? At the very least, “Yellowstone” fans can look forward to Season 4 and Season 5 of the Dutton clan’s drama.