‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Ponder Wade Morrow’s Involvement with the Dutton Ranch

by Jon D. B.

Sharp Yellowstone fans are gathering everything the show tells us about Wade Morrow – yet a whole lot still seems to be missing…

Will Yellowstone Season 4 fill in some of the Morrow gaps? Not likely, as Wade (Boots Sutherland) and his son Clint (Brent Walker) are *spoiler alert* very dead by the end of Season 3. Their story, however, was gripping while it lasted. Fans took to the rough & tumble, classic Western vibes of the Morrows like flies to honey. With such passion, though, (hopefully) comes a deeper understanding. And there’s a whole lot left for fans to ponder over when it comes to gruff patriarch Wade Morrow.

Yellowstone fans are doing just that over on Reddit, where Wade has become the hot topic. The effort to turn over every Morrow-laden stone on the show is exhaustive – but in a good way. So for you other curious Yellowstone fans: let’s get to it!

The Curious Case of Wade Morrow

“Wade, and his son Clint, were hired by Roarke to push JD over the edge and do something illegal,” posts Redditor Exotic_Volume696 to kick off the discussion. “They were hired because Roarke knew they (Wade and JD) had a past,” they say – which is true.

What else do we know of the Morrows? “We know Wade has been in prison: John mentioned Wade’s prison boyfriend had “f#cked all the common sense out of you”,” they continue. Graphic, but also true.

“We know he had been a hand on the Yellowstone and worn the brand… I’m pretty sure there was a scene where someone mentioned his name and Lloyd reacted, I bet they had some history.”

As long as Lloyd has been with the Duttons on Yellowstone Ranch, this holds true, too. “I guess Rip had known him in the past as well?” they add.

Which begs the question: “Does anyone else have an info I missed supported in any way by the show about what Wade had done, why he was hated, how Roarke found him or anything else?” they ask.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Fill in Morrow Gaps

Here, Redditor 7ruby18 comes to the rescue. Well, sort of.

“In the diner, John said that Wade did something a cowboy should never do. What that is has never been revealed… Ryan and Colby were talking about the buffalo. Ryan said his name was “Wade” and Colby filled in the “Morrow” part and Lloyd knew exactly who he was,” Ruby clarifies.

Wade Morrow, however, “has never shown up in flashbacks,” Ruby adds. “So we don’t have any details about the contention between him and John or if Rip knew him. I’d say he didn’t, since when they first met Rip had no idea who he was. But, since Lloyd knew who he was, Wade must have left the ranch before Rip got there. Just another dangling thread courtesy of Taylor Sheridan.”

A bit of a stab – but a warranted one, unfortunately. Yellowstone does have its fair share of plot holes with as thick and fast as the action comes.

One Redditor, however, has an actual theory: “My guess is the one thing a cowboy never steals is cows. It’s cows dude. And JD had him locked up for it, hence the prison reference. Just my theory,” answers the aptly-named RipsLittleCoors.

Now there’s a real possibility.