‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Ponder What If Beth Made a Different Choice

by Jennifer Shea

Maybe it’s the countdown to the Season 4 premiere, which is drawing ever closer. Maybe it’s the Season 4 trailer that recently dropped. Or maybe it’s just the strength of series co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s imagination. But whatever the reason, “Yellowstone” fans still have the show on their brains even lo these many months since the Season 3 finale aired.

In a new thread on Reddit, “Yellowstone” fans pondered what would have happened if things had played out differently when Beth (Kelly Reilly) turned to Jamie (Wes Bentley) for help as a pregnant teenager.

Specifically, they mulled how things would be between Beth and Jamie in the present if Beth had somehow gotten the abortion without getting sterilized in the past.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Alternate Storyline

One fan kicked off the thread with a lengthy speculation about that alternate scenario and how it might have played out on the show.

“So my idea is let’s say that Jamie decided to tell Beth she’d have to be sterilized in order to get the abortion at the reservation,” the fan posted. “They decide that’s a bad idea and concoct some stupid plan like her repeatedly falling off of a horse until the pregnancy test comes back negative. The method itself really isn’t important. The point is that Beth gets the abortion with Jamie’s help, and nobody is the wiser.”

Of course, the way Sheridan wrote Beth’s abortion sequence, Jamie was afraid to go to the Planned Parenthood in town. He was convinced people would find out that a Dutton had gotten an abortion.

It’s unlikely Beth could have persuaded Jamie to risk the family’s good name by going to a different abortion clinic. But let’s say she did, and they went. Word could then have gotten back to John Dutton (Kevin Costner). And he would have demanded to know who the father was. So in that scenario, Rip (Cole Hauser) might very well have been exiled from the ranch at a young age.

However, the Reddit poster envisioned a scenario in which John somehow never finds out. And in that storyline, Beth and Jamie grow up to be allies, not enemies. So then other fans jumped in to speculate, too.

“Beth and Jamie would be so much more powerful together than apart and at each others’ throats,” another fan chimed in. “But, if Beth and Rip would have married and started a family a few years ago, would that have mellowed either of them?”

Beth and Rip Were Meant for Each Other, Actors Say

When Beth and Rip finally got engaged in Season 3, “Yellowstone” fans rejoiced. The characters have each been through so much separately. It seemed only fair for them to find peace together. And at Deadline’s recent Contenders Television event, “Yellowstone” stars Reilly and Hauser seemed to second fans’ sentiments in that regard.

“As far as Rip’s concerned, that was his first and only love from when he was 15 years old,” Hauser said. “Time stopped for him. And he realized how really special she was and what she could give to his life.”

“Beth and Rip are soulmates and have been since they met,” Reilly added. “They are so tough and hard-headed and the capacity of violence is in them both. But they provide a safe haven for quiet, peace, and love and she doesn’t have that with anyone else in the show.”

Will that glimpse of happiness be snatched away? No sooner had Rip retrieved his mother’s wedding ring from her grave than Beth disappeared in an explosion. And the “Yellowstone” trailers have shown no peeks of Beth in Season 4. So we still don’t know if she lives or dies.

Just one more reason for “Yellowstone” fans to tune in. The two-hour Season 4 premiere airs on Nov. 7.