‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Pose Interesting Debate about Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler’s Ages

by Jennifer Shea

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) arguably have the most romantic relationship story on “Yellowstone.” But now “Yellowstone” fans are debating the pair’s ages and whether those should bother audiences.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Get Into Debate About Beth and Rip’s Ages

How old are Beth and Rip? Many fans assumed they were in their 40s. But close watchers of the series point out that Beth admits she is 34 in Season 2. And based on the flashback scenes that show the two of them as teenagers, Rip seems to be around the same age as Beth.

One fan got the discussion going, saying the idea that the couple are in their early 30s “really bothers me.”

It “changes how we view their relationship,” the fan argued. For one thing, did they settle down after many years apart (40s) or just get caught up in their respective careers and not have time to date (30s)?

For another, it would mean Rip is not much older than Kayce (Luke Grimes) and the rest of the bunkhouse, which undermines the “commanding presence” he seems to exert. And finally, how did Beth get so far in the world of high finance if she’s only 34? She acts like she knows her job backwards and forwards, with a sort of jadedness that accumulates over the years.

Other fans jumped in to say that those details hadn’t bothered them.

“Their ages don’t bother me,” one poster replied. “I’m in it for their love for each other… the rest is entertainment… I’m in for the long haul.”

“I hadn’t given it much thought,” another fan posted. “I guess I just don’t understand why they didn’t just write it that she was a little older.”

Yet another fan pointed out that Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) is really the fatherly presence in the bunkhouse, more so than Rip. And that Rip’s seniority over Kayce has more to do with Kayce being away from the ranch for so long than with their respective ages.

Kelly Reilly Teases Season 4

Reilly is a youthful 43 in real life. Hauser turns 46 this March.

Reilly recently described her character on “Yellowstone” as “fierce.” Which perhaps makes Beth seem older than she is actually supposed to be.

In an interview with Screen Rant this month, Reilly acknowledged that the “Yellowstone” Season 3 finale really left fans hanging. And she said a (very) little bit about Season 4.

“What I can say is that Season 4 has been shot, and that it’s wonderful what happens,” Reilly teased. “I will say that. It’s really mind-blowing and big and extravagant, and Taylor Sheridan came back. He writes every script, and he directed a bunch of them again, so I know it’s bigger than ever.”

“I think the seasons are just getting better, personally,” she added. “And our audience is getting bigger as well. It’s become a real thing.”

Regardless of their ages, Beth and Rip have been dancing around each other for a long time. Will they both survive to finally tie the knot, or will fate intervene once again? Fans will have to wait for Season 4 to find out.