‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Predict Whether Beth & Rip’s Storyline Will Conclude With Happy Ending

by Thad Mitchell

As we prepare ourselves for a brand new season of “Yellowstone”, fans can’t help but theorize and speculate on what the future holds.

While “Yellowstone” is far from a love story, it does have two love birds in Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton. Rip is the rough and tough cowboy who leads the bunkhouse crew on the ranch and away from the ranch. Beth is the heavily intelligent and sharp-tongued daughter of Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton. It is a match made in “Yellowstone” heaven and one of the best storylines on the show.

In season three, we see the two “Yellowstone” figures pledge their love for each other with a plan for marriage. Unable to muster the courage, it is actually Beth who proposes to Rip in one of the show’s most moving moments. Fans of the show would love nothing more than to see Beth and Rip tie the knot in a ranch-style ceremony. Unfortunately, the events of the third season finale have thrown that idea up in the air.

The Dutton family, including Beth, come under attack as the third season of “Yellowstone” concludes. Beth is the recipient of a package bomb that explodes inside her office when her assistant opens it. The massive blast is enough to bust out the windows inside the building. Beth is standing only a few feet from the explosion, meaning she could be dead, alive or seriously injured at this point in time. We simply do not know Beth’s status heading into the fourth season.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want To See A Wedding

“Yellowstone” fans have been active on social media and various message board sites, posting their theories on what is to come for Beth and Rip. It is safe to say that most are rooting for Beth’s survival and a glorious “Yellowstone” wedding.

“Hopefully, once season four starts and we learn that Beth is alive, we can start to look forward to a wedding,” a Reddit user writes. “I’m sure it will take a back seat to the wrath of Rip, but it will be fun to watch. I picture a small outdoor wedding on the ranch.”

It is a sentiment shared by many “Yellowstone” fans. Other Reddit posters say the two characters wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without each other.

“Beth and Rip’s relationship is one of the best things about this entire show,” another fan says. “They bring out sides to each other that we don’t see with anyone else. Their history together is so complex but it explains so much about who they are.”

It is difficult to predict what happens next for Rip and Beth in the future.mWhat we do know is that practically every “Yellowstone” fan on the planet is pulling for Beth to come through. Most of us are also hoping we get to see this wonderful love story play out a little longer.

The prediction here is that Beth survives the explosion but wedding plans are put on hold – for now.

“Yellowstone” must first deal with the fallout from the season three attacks. One must think Rip is going to be in no mood to walk down the aisle after an attempt on his fiancee’s life.

We still think there is a wedding in the “Yellowstone” future but it isn’t coming as quickly as fans might like. Patience is an important concept for “Yellowstone” watchers and is likely to come into play this season.

So, hang in there “Yellowstone” fans. The wait for new episodes is quickly coming to a close and our desire for modern western drama will soon be fulfilled.