‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Question Why Federal Authorities Are Rarely Involved in the Show

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone may be hard-fisted fiction, but that doesn’t mean viewers don’t want their favorite modern Western to be as realistic as possible!

Such is the case with Yellowstone, which prides itself on embodying and emboldening the modern Western way of life in America. Fans of the Paramount drama can be a persnickety lot, too, but what fans aren’t? Take this fan, for example:

“Please don’t apply logic to this show,” they reply. “It’s an entertaining show but it’s basically Sons of Anarchy on horses.”

Best. Analogy. Ever. As for the “logic” that inspired this A+ response? One Yellowstone fan has taken to the show’s Reddit board this week to ask:

‘Where is the FBI…’

“Mostly because I’m bored. But with all the murders and bombings that go on here. Just where the hell are the Federal Agencies?” asks a Redditor we’ll call Wolfsbane because his full username is absolutely too much to type out.

Wolfsbane has a valid point, too. With all those murders and bombings, swindling and mishaps, tampering and fraud – where the hell are the feds?

“I’ll bet we’ll get some FBI action after Beth’s bombing,” fan HOA_Manager responds to Wolfsbane. Now there’s a proper guess. There’s absolutely no way the FBI won’t factor into the rousing Season 3 finale fallout. Several attempted murders and a bombing in a prominent urban center will surely have the feds knocking, right?

“Murders happen all the time in every state. Not necessarily a federal matter,” replies another Yellowstone fan. Eh, well, with all of the above taken into consideration, they usually do.

“If a bomb was used (and it certainly looks like it, of course), I think the ATF will definitely be called in,” Redditor lgb127 adds in agreeance (to this author’s line of thought).

“Unless it’s ruled as terrorism which would then fall to the FBI. Which I think that’s basically just at the discretion of the FBI. Whether or not this comes into play I have no idea,” says DiscoMagicParty.

Aside from that glorious Reddit username, DiscoMagicParty seems to have himself some top-tier knowledge of federal protocol to boot.

Question answered! The feds should absolutely be involved on Yellowstone. And yet, they’re not, really. Not in the capacity we’d expect. So what gives?

‘Yellowstone’: Bombings and Murders and Swindlings, Oh My!

Reddit user gthrowman wants to know exactly this. For him, the issue expands well into the constantly-murdery nature of Yellowstone, too. As it should!

Spoiler: What happened to the dead reporter? I assume she worked for a national magazine and her girlfriend was super paranoid. She never called anyone?” gthrowman ponders.

“Ya seriously, no one finds the reporter with strangulation marks on her neck? Or the lady that Jamie knocked up just disappeared? Or the investigation about rerouting the river that harms the grizzly population?” another fan agrees. Several strong points, here.

Yet as other sharp fans note, the murder in question – reporter Sarah Nguyen at the hands of Jamie Dutton (then covered up by Rip) – showed up “on the news, ruled an accident.”

It’s all a prime example of some “convenient” storytelling on Yellowstone‘s behalf. But color us very curious to see where it all leads for the hotly-anticipated Season 4!