‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question How One Branded Cowboy Was Able to Leave the Dutton Ranch

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans question how one branded man was able to leave the Dutton ranch when no one else can.

Every Yellowstone fan knows that if you commit to a brand, you are committing to the Dutton ranch for life. And what happens if you break this commitment? Easy, one of two things. You either cut out the massive ‘Y’ brand in your chest, which may kill you from bleeding out, let alone the pain. OR you can visit the train station.

No, silly. Not the train station that will take you on a comfortable ride to wherever you need to go. This is a one-way trip to heaven… or hell. Regardless, you are killed, and your poor, lifeless body is thrown over the edge of a cliff, right across the Montana and Wyoming border. Basically, no one will ever find you. Poof. Gone. Bye.

Yellowstone’s Branded Men

We have seen a few men try to go around this rule, but none, besides one, are here to tell their story. Heck, even men that weren’t branded by the Yellowstone ranch have been killed for trying to leave. They’ve seen too much. The only way to cover your tracks is to cover them with dirt.

But who is this lucky man that has cheated both death and John Dutton? That is none other than Wade Morrow.

In season three, when Yellowstone first introduced Wade’s character, he and John Dutton knew each other from the past. While fans were left guessing what it is that John hates so much about the old cowboy, the Dutton patriarch repeatedly tells him that Wade has something that belongs to John.

Um, okay. Super cryptic. Initially, I thought Wade might have stolen a horse or two or something along those lines, but nope. Wade threatens John and says, come and get it. John is one person I probably wouldn’t taunt. He has power in terms of the law and Rip. John keeps his word when he states that he plans to.

So what did Wade Morrow steal? On Wade’s chest lies a large ‘Y’ brand- a brand he received from his days working at the Yellowstone. So, how was he able to leave when no others have been? We have been wondering this as well.

Why Could Wade Leave?

Yellowstone fans on Reddit debate Wade’s previous role on the ranch. In addition, the user refers to Roarke Morris, the guy from Market Equities with the gross slicked back hair, as “Orouke,” so don’t let that confuse you.

“Anyone else wonder how the guy that Orouke hired to push John was able to leave the ranch alive. I don’t think that storyline will ever come up now that he left for the train station.”

Thankfully, the rest of the Reddit world chimed in with their theories.

“The impression that I got was that he was sort of the enforcer when he was there, so it’s quite possible that there was nobody to really hold him accountable when he left.”

Kind of like Rip. I don’t foresee anyone trying to stop him if he left. But one fan questions if he left on his own or if he was arrested and went to jail.

Another good theory, but wouldn’t he drag John down with him? As the first user said, Yellowstone fans probably will never know, seeing that Wade and his son Clint are at the bottom of the train station. Poof, as if they never existed at all.