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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question Jamie’s Involvement in the Hits on the Dutton Family

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Could this new detail officially point the finger at Jamie Dutton as the attacker for the “Yellowstone” season three finale?

Since “Yellowstone” season three aired, every fan’s mind has been spinning. Every person is a suspect, and as far as we are concerned, they are guilty until proven innocent. It’s “Yellowstone.” Who really is that innocent and doesn’t have blood on their hands at this point? We cannot think of anyone. Can you?

Did Jamie Carry Out the ‘Yellowstone’ Attacks

Well, for the time being, we have Jamie Dutton on the “Yellowstone’ hot seat. What is he capable of? Did he turn full Randall and set his adoptive family up for death? Or is this all just a big scheme and Jamie is working as a double agent against Market Equities? The questions are endless.

On Reddit, “Yellowstone” fans have been debating the character, explaining how they think Jamie may have been behind the attacks and not Roarke like we originally assumed.

“Initially, I was thinking Roarke…but they all were hit right after the meeting…. that’s pretty quick to put out three hits. I think walking into the meeting. They thought they won. Jamie at least would have more time to have planned it…though how would he know when Beth would be cleaning out her office….”

The fan is correct, after the meeting with all the Montana powerhouses, which include Governor Perry, Attorney General Jamie, Chief Rainwater and his lawyer on behalf of the reservation, the Market Equities team, and the Duttons, three of the Dutton family members have assassination attempts (or successes) carried out on them.

Beth’s office was bombed. John was shot on the side of the road, and Kayce has gunmen ambush his office. Who survives the “Yellowstone” attacks? We wish we could provide those answers for you.

On the Other Hand…

However, we have a rebuttal.

It would make sense for Jamie to kill Beth. The two absolutely despise each other, and as far as we are concerned, they always will on Yellowstone. But would Jamie really kill the man that raised him just because he never told him the truth about his murderous birth father? John hasn’t always been the nicest or appreciative person of Jamie, but he did dress him, love (maybe) him, raise him, and care for him. Does Jamie’s hate for John after the Attorney Election run that deep? Possibly.

BUT, what about Kayce? The two are still on very good terms after Jamie visited his office and told him the news. Jamie asks his younger brother if he can still refer to him as such, and Kayce responds with something along the lines of “as long as I’m living, you better not refer to me as anything else.”

Does this make Kayce collateral damage? If that is the case, Jamie would need to take out Rip as well because he knows darn well what that cowboy is capable of when he gets angry.

In the end, yes, Jamie is still a suspect in question, and we still don’t like him. However, given the facts, Market Equities is still our top villain who we believe has the means and the motive for the assassinations.

Now we just have to wait for ‘Yellowstone” to premiere another season! Anyyyyyy dayyyyy nowwwwww.