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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question Jamie’s ‘Motivation’ Behind Beth’s Life-Changing Procedure

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“Yellowstone” fans question Jamie Dutton’s motivation behind Beth’s life-altering procedure as a young girl.

If you recall, in season three, the reason behind Beth’s intolerable hate for Jamie is finally brought to light. A “Yellowstone” flashback revealed that a young Beth confided in her older brother about an unplanned pregnancy that she found herself with.

Jamie doesn’t know what to do either since he was only a young and dumb teenager at the time. So, he loads his scared younger sister into his car and takes her to a nearby abortion clinic. Jamie walks into the clinic alone to set up the appointment. The woman at the counter informs Jamie that he does not want to take his teenage sister here.

It turns out that this clinic also requires the patient to undergo a hysterectomy along with the abortion. If you are unfamiliar with what a hysterectomy is, it is a procedure that removes a woman’s uterus, making her unable to carry a child. It is an irreversible surgery.

Well, Jamie says that he has no other option given that their last name is Dutton, and the family is very highly known due to the massive Yellowstone ranch and that John is the Livestock Commissioner. Therefore, a regular abortion clinic in town would not do.

So, Jamie takes his little sister inside the clinic without her knowledge, thus ending Beth’s chance of ever bearing a child and beginning her hatred for Jamie.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Debate Jamie Dutton’s Character

Yellowstone” fans take to Reddit to question Jamie Dutton’s motivation for bringing Beth to the clinic and not a regular one in town.

“What was his motivation for the hysterectomy. Was it just so the press would not find out about it, and that’s why he would not do planned parenthood, or did I miss something. Also, do you think if people found out, it would have significantly hurt the family from a political perspective? Thanks for your time.”

Another person commented below that there was no motivation behind the procedure besides being frightened children.

“They were children. He had no idea what he was doing. They were just both too scared to tell their Dad, and if they went off-reservation, then someone would have seen them and informed their Dad. People thinking kids have motives, lmao. Jamie had zero motive other than not letting Dad find out.”

One person called “Yellowstone’s” Jamie Dutton a “typical teenager.”

“Like a typical teenager, he couldn’t see the consequences down the road. Like typical Jamie, he made the worst decision possible out of all options.”

Now, Beth cannot carry Rip’s children when they get married… well, if they get married. Beth is still a wildcard whether she will survive the season three finale when a bomb explodes in her office.

Buckle up, buckle bunnies. “Yellowstone” season four is coming soon!