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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question the Meaning Behind Jamie’s Adoption Reveal

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans are questioning the meaning behind Jamie Dutton’s unforeseen adoption reveal in season three.

In a long line of Yellowstone plot twists that we didn’t see coming, it turns out that Jamie Dutton isn’t really a Dutton at all, but a Randall.

In episode seven of season three, titled “The Beating,” Jamie Dutton is informed that he must go to HR to fill out some paperwork now that he has taken on the new role as Montana’s Attorney General.

The lady returns to say that Jamie should have informed her that he was adopted so she could find his file quicker. The lawyer looks at her quizzically, saying that he isn’t adopted. She gives a disheartened, apologetic look and hands Jamie his file.

The Yellowstone character refuses to believe this is his file and that an error has occurred. The lady behind the counter informs him that John Dutton and his wife Evelyn probably never told him due to the nature of his adoption.

Jamie’s biological parents were not great role models. After a life of drugs and prostitution, Jamie’s father, Garrett Randall, beat his wife to death. With one parent in jail and one dead, Jamie, who was a baby, was taken in by the Duttons.

The oldest living Dutton son confronts John about this astonishing news. John isn’t a person that will not lie or sugarcoat things, so he informs Jamie of his evil father. The family patriarch also notes that he has earned the right to call him “son” because he’s the one that raised him, not Garrett Randall.

Jamie goes on to meet his murderous father. Garrett spits evil thoughts into his head, further dividing Jamie from the rest of the Dutton and the Yellowstone ranch.

Reddit Debates Yellowstone Adoption

Yellowstone fans took to Reddit to discuss the plot twist.

“Am I the only one who felt that the adoption reveal for Jamie seemed like retcon? Almost seems like they don’t quite know what to do with Jamie, and this was just an easy way to separate him from the family.”

Another user responded to the fan, saying how artificial Jamie’s adoption seems in the Yellowstone plotline.

“YES. I think there was so much happening that could’ve made him leave without having to include this whole adoption thing. We already knew he was feeling overwhelmed about having to Get rid of the journalist, so the adoption wasn’t necessary. It seemed bogus tbh. Doesn’t make John look that good either since he was lying to him all those years and treating him as an oddball too. Rip’s entry into the family seemed way more organic, or even Jimmy’s.”

What becomes of this adoption and the turmoil surrounding the Dutton family? Does Jamie come groveling back, or is he now an enemy of the ranch? We will have to wait for Yellowstone season four.