‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Question ‘Nameless’ Characters Ahead of Season 4

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” fans are well-acquainted with the show’s main characters including Rip Wheeler, the Duttons, Chief Rainwater, and more. But what about all the characters on the show who are never named, but play big roles in the storyline?

“Yellowstone” fans are reflecting on a few key players in the second episode of season one. During the episode, John Dutton is tasked with cleaning up a big mess surrounding his son’s death. At the time, everyone was under the impression that Lee and Kayce’s brother-in-law, Robert Long, killed each other. However, forensics shows that the bullet that killed Lee severed his spinal cord before he died. This proves that he would not have been able to use his hands to fire a gun and kill Long. Additionally, the evidence show’s that Long’s death looked like an execution.

Obviously, this makes John Dutton look very bad. And he has to quickly think of a way to cover everything up, again. Jamie suggests that they dig up Lee’s body and cremate him so as to get rid of any further evidence. And John Dutton sends Rip to take care of the coroner who leaked the forensic findings. Now, fans are wondering about the men involved in Lee’s cremation.

Who Were the Men Who Helped John Dutton Cremate Lee During the First Season of ‘Yellowstone’?

“When John and Jaime take Lee to be cremated, who are the guys who are carrying Lee’s casket?” wrote one fan via a Reddit thread. “And who is the guy who turns the incinerator on?”

The men are never named or mentioned again on the show. But they played a pretty significant role in the cover-up of Lee’s death. So, who are these guys? One fan suggests that the men are just more of John Dutton‘s many “minions” around the area.

“Actually, I don’t know that they matter, overall,” replied another “Yellowstone” fan. “John has many minions he can call upon and trust to keep quiet. And the incinerator guy obviously operates an animal disposal incinerator since he mentioned a horse body takes about an hour and this is the first human body, which should take about 10 minutes. Unless I’m missing something here, these are just random guys who do what John Dutton wants them to do.”

Another fan thinks Dutton may have bribed the men with money to keep quiet about the cremation.

“I think they were guys who worked at the cattle cremation facility, who were paid to be quiet,” they wrote.

However, another “Yellowstone” fan disagrees. They don’t think Dutton would have to pay anyone to keep quiet.

“Probably not even paid,” they wrote. “Just like Jimmy’s grandpop asking for a favor, these are locals and the Duttons connections run very very deep in that area. They would do it just help a neighbor out of a situation.”