‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question Rip Wheeler’s Final Actions in Season 3 Finale

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone fans question Rip Wheeler’s actions at the end of the season three finale. Is there any significance, or are we just nitpicking?

Yellowstone season three was a doozy. I mean, come on, how can you pack that much action into one single season? Ask Taylor Sheridan.

In the last ten minutes of the finale alone, fans saw possibly over five deaths, most of those being significant characters. I’ll break it down.

Potential Yellowstone Deaths

The season three finale of Yellowstone started off with poor Beth. Beth was cleaning out her office at the banking firm Schwartz & Meyers when her assistant brings in a box that someone left out front, addressed to Beth. After opening it, her assistant verbalized how weird it was that there was a box within a box. Beth instantly knew that meant trouble, but before she could react, the bomb went off. We assume that her assistant definitely doesn’t survive the blast, but Beth is still questionable.

Next, Yellowstone throws us the scene where Kayce is working in his office as the Livestock Commissioner. Numerous masked gunmen stormed into the building unloaded rounds of ammunition. Kayce, being an ex-Navy SEAL quickly flips his sturdy wooden desk to shield himself. His life also hangs in the balance.

Jump on over to John Dutton, who is on his way back to the Yellowstone ranch when he stops to help a California woman and her son with a flat tire. While fixing the flat, a sketchy van stops to ask if his name is John Dutton. When he responds yes, the trunk of the van flies open, and a man with a gun begins shooting at John and the woman. She is killed, however, her 8-year-old son, who was hidden in the grass, survives. John suffers from a few gunshots to the chest. Like his children, his fate is undecided.

Jimmy, who is recovering from numerous life-threatening rodeo injuries, listens to his girlfriend’s advice and gets back on a horse. After a few bucks, he is tossed and landed face down in the dirt. Jimmy is unconscious with no one within eyesight on the Yellowstone ranch.

Meanwhile Rip Wheeler is Clueless

While chaos is happening throughout Montana, Rip Wheeler is desperately trying to get in touch with all the Dutton family members. After no one answers their phone, Jamie finally tells him to stop calling him because he has cut ties with his family. He hangs up the phone and pulls to the side of the road where birds peck at a dying horse.

Rip Wheeler shoots the animal to put it out of his misery, and as he drives away, he notices more circling in the sky miles away. This indicated that something else is either dead or dying nearby. But what? In typical Rip fashion, he states, “Whole f**king valley is dying.”

Oh what little he knows.

Reddit fans question the significance of this scene with Rip.

“Hi all, I just got done watching the series. I have lots of questions, but one is, what was the random dying horse Rip had to put down? How was that relevant? Any theories?”

Many users responded with their theories as to what the cryptic statement means.

“It was a metaphor,” states one Yellowstone fan. “It’s like the horse he released an episode or two back, but it found its way back to where it came from, and it’s dying. The Yellowstone is dying, and something Rip kills it, finalizing The Yellowstone’s chapter and uhhh idk, something about the Dutton’s killer always there to witness it all.”

Well, we don’t have to sit and wonder much longer. Yellowstone season four will be airing in less than a month!