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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question If the Series Gets ‘Better’ After Season 2

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With their favorite show currently on hiatus, Yellowstone fans are taking to internet message boards to get a modern western fix.

Forum communities, like Reddit, are home to thousands of Yellowstone fans who want to discuss and debate the show. Many enjoy looking at past seasons for clues on what will happen next on the ranch.

Others like to speculate and theorize on season four storylines, turning to other fans for their thoughts. Some Yellowstone message boarders are brand new to the show and have questions that veteran fans are happy to answer.

You might not believe it, but some Yellowstone watchers have not found the Paramount Network series to their liking. Criticism of the show is usually directed at the writing, as some don’t find the storyline believable or authentic.

One such watcher recently took to Reddit to ask if they should continue watching the show past the second season. The poster wants to know if the “lackluster” season two finale is indicative of things to come.

“Season one started pretty strong in my opinion — smartly written with a slew of interesting characters,” the Reddit user says. “But I don’t think the writing could sustain itself and so far it been really hit and miss with me. It started to become a little too ridiculous for my liking and that’s when I realized this isn’t the show I want to be.”

The poster points to the writing in season two and impunity of which some characters act with as turnoffs.

“Season one relies heavily on tragedy and building its characters from that,” the user says. “Season 2 adds a bit more sentimentality (much needed) but also way worse writing. Characters come and go (Beck Brothers) and everyone acts with impunity.”

Yellowstone Fans Chime in With Thoughts on Show

While you’re first thought may be to dismiss this person’s thoughts, they do make a solid point. Whether Yellowstone is your favorite or least favorite show, the storylines do require a certain amount of buy in. For those of us who love the show, the buy in is right at 100 percent. After all, Yellowstone is awesome, right?

Several fans of the show chime in, telling the poster to give the show a shot through three seasons. One poster agrees that the writing can some be bland but the characters, setting and relationships are what set Yellowstone apart.

“I like this show because it is quite entertaining,” the poster says in response. “I love the settings and some of the characters. But honestly do not expect much from the writing — it is kind of shallow.”

After a breath-taking season three finale, Yellowstone is set to return this summer. There are plenty of questions as we head into season four and we’re dying for the answers. Tops on that list is the fate of the Dutton family.

During the season three finale, the Duttons came under attack from unknown assailants. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton were each ambushed as the finals seconds of the season tick away. John was shot in the chest several times to end the season.

Kayce was able to take cover underneath a desk to shield himself from incoming fire. Beth stood 10 feet away from an exploding bomb as it went off inside of her office. No one truly knows what to expect for season four, but one thing is for certain — Yellowstone fans can’t wait for the new season.