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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans are Re-watching the Hit Series and Pointing Out ‘Missed’ Storylines

by Katie Maloney
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

What do you do when you’re anxiously awaiting the new season of your favorite show, Yellowstone? You rewatch the first three seasons and look for details you previously missed.

At least, that’s what many Yellowstone fans are currently doing. And with fresh eyes, they’re noticing a lot of details they missed the first time around. Now, fans are taking to Reddit to share their newfound Yellowstone wisdom.

One fan wrote,”We just started re-watching because we felt there was so much we had either missed or forgotten. At the end of S1E1, Beth says to John ‘Just tell me who to fight, daddy.’ That line speaks to her entire character. I know a lot of people on here don’t like Beth, but I think she’s the best part of the show.”

Realizing that Beth Dutton is actually a pretty awesome character seems to be a theme on the thread.

Another fan wrote, “Yeah I rewatched the pilot yesterday and felt the same. Beth is such a better character on a rewatch when we have the context behind her actions. And it made me more impressed with her character development throughout because they had her do realistic growth without changing the essence of her character.”

Yellowstone Fans are Realizing Which Characters They Like More and Less Since Rewatching the Show

Another common theme seems to be that Jamie Dutton is “whiny” and weak. One fan wrote, “And we’re realizing just how much Jamie’s character has changed. He’s become really wimpy both personally and professionally. Too bad.”

Another fan agreed. They wrote, “And Jamie is almost the opposite. He felt like a different character in the pilot. When they made him much more comfortable with his place on the ranch. As the show went on, they lost that. And he got wimpier and whiny. In a way, that felt like them trying to change his character rather than development.”

If there’s one thing that’s true it’s that a lot of details about the Dutton’s lives have been revealed over the last three seasons of Yellowstone. And each new detail has reshaped the way many fans feel about certain characters including Beth and Jamie Dutton.

Another fan simply shared the things they “missed” the first time they watched the show. They wrote, “I missed a lot of stuff my first two watches that I picked up this time around. For example, I didn’t realize Jimmy’s grandpa came and asked John to hire him. I just thought he was a screw-up Rip recruited.”

Well, we know what we’re doing this week – rewatching all three seasons of Yellowstone and keep our eyes open for details we missed the first time around.