‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans React to the Series First-Ever Emmy Nomination: ‘We’ll Take This One’

by Jon D. B.
"Yellowstone" premieres Wednesday, June 20 on Paramount Network. John Dutton (center - Kevin Costner), owner of the Dutton Ranch is surrounded by his ranch team (pictured l to r) Walker (Ryan Bingham), Lloyd (Forrie Smith), Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), Jimmy (Jefferson White), Colby (Denim Richards) and Fred (Luke Peckinpah.

Hard to believe, but true: Paramount Network’s #1 cable television hit, Yellowstone, has finally received it’s very first Emmy nomination. Understandably, fans are unleashing all sorts of emotions on social media as a result.

Genuinely, who thought it would take three full seasons for Yellowstone to receive an Emmy nod? From career-defining lead performances (see: Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and yes, even Kevin Costner puts in the best work of his modern portfolio) to unparalleled dedication behind the scenes, Taylor Sheridan‘s modern Western has felt ripe for awards season all along.

Yet here we are in 2021, well after Season 3’s bombastic ending, and we’re just now seeing an Emmy nomination for Yellowstone. While it may not be what fans were hoping for (see again: Reilly, Hauser, Costner) it is still beyond well deserved.

The 73rd Emmy Awards’ nominees came July 13. Within, Yellowstone received it’s first-ever nomination for “Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program (1 hour or more)”. It is, by all means, a fantastic achievement for the show.

This is evident by the competition, too, which includes: Mare of Easttown, The Flight Attendant, The Undoing, and Handmaid’s Tale.

The Yellowstone team is understandably jazzed, as well – as they should be. Posting to their official Instagram with a sharp announcement graphic, the show says: “Big news on the awards circuit: #YellowstoneTV was just nominated for its first-ever Emmy! Congratulations to everyone who works on the show, but special shout out to Taylor Sheridan, Cary White (Production Designer), Yvonne Boudreaux (Art Director), and Carla Curry (Set Decorator) for this incredible achievement.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want to Know: How Have No Emmy Nominations Come Before Now?

“It’s crazy to me that this is the show’s first Emmy nod,” a Yellowstone fan replies. It’s a common sentiment across the board, as fans are finding out several things with this announcement. Firstly of Yellowstone’s nomination, of course. But secondly – that it’s their first one. Ever.

Yellowstone has never seen a nomination at all?!? That’s ridiculous,” a second fan decrees.

“It should be nominated for best drama series… And at a minimum Kelly Reilly should get nomination for best actress,” another follower adds. Couldn’t agree more.

This next fan isn’t settling for just Reilly, however. “Ridiculous it doesn’t get the major category nods too. Not that this isn’t important but seriously…”

“How is more of the cast not seeing nominations?” follows. And so on, and so forth.

Yet no one says it like this chap, who is done with the Emmys already. Instead, he proposes, “Whatever. Can we just start the Yellowstone Awards? ‘Best Beth Threat’ – ‘Best Fight Scene’ – ‘Best Bunkhouse Moment’ – ‘Best Bromance’… ‘Best Clap Back.'”

Thankfully, there’s plenty of congratulations popping up alongside. “Long overdue and well-deserved. Congrats!” adds Gabriella Hoffman.

“Congratulations!!!! Should be an Emmy sweep, but that’s okay!!! We’ll take this one for now” one fan replies in another much-needed boost of positivity.

Either way you spin it, Outsider is ecstatic to see Yellowstone get the credit it deserves. Well done, team!