‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Remember One Detail That Could Pin a Beloved Character to the Season Three Finale Attacks on the Duttons

by Thad Mitchell

Through the extended offseason, fans of Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” have had one question on their minds.

“Who attacked the Dutton family?” Is the question that everyone wants to know as a new season arrives.

With longer-than-anticipated lay off for “Yellowstone,” fans have cranked up their speculation efforts. Numerous message-board forum sites have entire pages dedicated to nothing but “Yellowstone” talk. These sites have become a hot spot for watchers of the show to theorize on what will happen to their favorite characters. Some theories are more believable than others but it is helping fans to pass the time before season four arrives. Much of the speculation on these forum sites deal with the fallout from the third season finale. To refresh your memory, three members of the Dutton family are ambushed by an unknown entity as the final seconds of season three tick away. The fate of these three characters is left completely up in the air as each of the three could be dead or alive.

Die-hard “Yellowstone” fans have been combing through the last three seasons in an effort to gather clues. A Reddit user recently points out a scene in season three that could be a tip. The “Yellowstone” fan says it could be a fan favorite behind the attacks.

“Maybe this has been brought up before so I’m sorry if it has,” the Redditor says. “But I’m rewatching the finale of season three. About 30 minutes in Angela Blue Thunder is talking to Rainwater in his car and she says to Rainwater’s driver, and war tribe member Mo, ‘Maybe you don’t ask permission. Maybe you go and make war for our people.'”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Speculate on Dutton Attacks

It isn’t the first time Mo has been brought up by fans as a potential suspect behind the Dutton attacks. Mo is an advisor, enforcer, and driver for Broken Rock Tribe Chief Thomas Rainwater. If Rainwater ordered the hits on the Dutton family, it makes sense he would send Mo to carry it out. Mo appears to be Rainwater’s most trusted confidant. And he also has proven that he is highly capable of pulling off such an attack.

But Mo has let it be known that he prefers a peaceful resolution to the situation between the tribe and Yellowstone Ranch. He has also gone out of his way to help the Dutton family, assisting them in getting Tate back from a militia in season two.

It will be interesting to see how the situation plays out with the return of new episodes coming this fall. There is no shortage of suspects behind the ambush on the Dutton family. Many also believe Jamie Dutton and his biological father, Garrett Randall, are behind the hits. Others believe Roarke Morris and Willa Hayse of Market Equities are the primary suspects. Some fans even believe there are multiple factions behind the attack.

With season four arriving this fall, the answers to our most burning questions are coming soon.