‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Sound Off on How ‘Wealthy’ They Think the Duttons Actually Are

by Thad Mitchell

Perhaps the biggest news of the week is that the heavily popular television show “Yellowstone” now has a timeline in place for the premiere of a new season.

“Yellowstone” creators revealed earlier this week that the Paramount Network hit series will return this fall. It isn’t the news that fans wanted or expected but at least there is something of a timeline in place for season four.

With their favorite show still months away from a new season, “Yellowstone” fans have kicked the speculation into high gear. Internet message board sites, like Reddit, are a treasure trove of “Yellowstone” discussion and theories. If nothing else, many of the theories are highly entertaining and helps to pass the time until season four gets here.

A recent Reddit post poses an interesting question, asking fans just how much money does the Dutton family has. As the owners and operators of one of the largest cattle ranches in Montana, the Duttons are likely pretty wealthy. But, the show never reveals just how wealthy the family really is, leaving fans to guess their net worth. In a thread titled “How rich is the Dutton family,” “Yellowstone” fans post their thoughts on the matter.

“Almost done with season one and I am wondering how rich is John?” a Redditor asks. I have read online that his net worth is around $250 million.”

Several more “Yellowstone” fans join in on the discussion with their own thoughts on just how much dough the Duttons have. One Redditor points out that the “Yellowstone” property is probably worth far more than the ranching operation itself.

“Net worth is kind of irrelevant in cases like this,” the poster proclaims.”The Yellowstone is probably worth over $500 million but to John Dutton, it’s not for sale at any price. However, the value of the land doesn’t mean that the ranch is profitable. Operations like this are lucky to break even most years.”

We have already seen John Dutton turn down a considerable amount of money to sell the “Yellowstone” property. In season three, Market Equities Representatives Roarke Morris and Willa Hayes offer half a billion dollars for the land. To John Dutton, however, the property is priceless and he turns down the offer of $500 million. Another Redditor and “Yellowstone” fan sums up the situation regarding the Dutton’s financial situation.

“They are land rich and cash poor,” the Reddit user proclaims. “Much like real-life ranchers and farmers.”

While we aren’t likely to find out their total cash value, the Dutton family is clearly not hurting for money. But John Dutton sees his ranch as priceless and seems ready to fight in order to hang on to it. The “Yellowstone” ranch has been in his family for well over a century and he intends to keep it that way,