‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Speculate Why Tanaya Beatty Left the Show

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for InStyle)

“Yellowstone” is taking up a lot of family conversations over the holidays as fans everywhere anticipate season 4. In doing so, lots of people are re-watching the earlier seasons. People are now curious as to why Tanaya Beatty left the show.

Beatty starred in the first two seasons of “Yellowstone” as Avery, a ranch hand on the Dutton Ranch. She was introduced to the audience in the season one finale. In total, Beatty appears in five episodes throughout the first two seasons.

Ever since Beatty’s last episode, “Only Devils Left,” fans have been wondering why she left the show. The show never explains why she left, and instead, during an episode, they simply announce that she had left the ranch.

This rather unexplained exit left fans in the lurches. Beatty was the Dutton Ranch’s only female hand and seemed to be heading into a relationship with another ranch hand, Jimmy Hurdstram. After that, there’s nothing else known about Beatty on the show.

Tanaya Beatty Leaving Theories

While there are a lot of theories out there as to why Beatty left the show, some are more plausible than others. So, to dissect her sudden departure, look no further than a movie possibility.

In 2015, HBO cast Beatty as Sacagawea for a miniseries called Lewis and Clark. However, that may not seem important in determining why she left Yellowstone, but it might be.

Fans suspect that the budding romance between Avery and Jimmy is the reason why Beatty left. One “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit expounds on this theory.

As the Lewis and Clark series would be geared toward anyone, and children especially, Beatty needs to preserve her image. This is critical in deciding whether or not to remain on the show.

“Yellowstone” has some fairly raunchy scenes that are not intended for young viewers. With the romance that Beatty – and Avery – was being led into by the show, a sex scene seemed inevitable. The Reddit fan explains that the prospects of a sex scene may have deterred Beatty from continuing the show.

Another relevant theory is that it has to do with indigenous women disappearing in real life. There is a consistent issue with women going missing, being assaulted, or even murdered without anyone knowing why. So, it could be a commentary about the mysterious disappearances that plague the U.S. and Canada.

There are boundless theories online about Beatty’s departure. The common theme though, is that everyone hopes she will return to the show.

It remains, to this day, a mystery why she left the show, or even how. Did she simply walk off the set and refuse to film anymore? Only the people involved with the filming have the answers to that.