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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Speculating About Possible Return of Dead Character

by Atlanta Northcutt
Photo courtesy of Paramount Network Yellowstone Gallery - Viacom

Could a character who was pronounced dead in a tragic episode at the end of Season 1 be returning to Yellowstone for Season 4? Fans are both hoping and speculating Dave Annable, who portrayed Lee Dutton, the eldest son of John and Evelyn Dutton, may be heading back home to “Dutton Ranch.”

The post is captioned: “Back to work baby!!! Hint: It’s cold here. Another hint: The beard is staying 🤠😉”

Is Dave Annable Making a Return to Yellowstone?

So is Dave Annable returning to the beloved Paramount Network series Yellowstone? He portrayed the character of Lee Dutton, the oldest son of John and Evelyn Dutton, throughout the first season. However, he met a tragic end shortly thereafter.

Fans are reacting to the hint from the Instagram post by Annable, and are seeming hopeful for the return of Lee Dutton.

The Fans’ Hopes of the Return of Lee Dutton

klovell20: “Please say you are somehow alive on Yellowstone? A twin maybe 🤔😆”

lala_grund: “Coming back from the dead in Yellowstone????”

iamjenstory: “I really hope you’re rising from the dead and returning home to Yellowstone!!!!”

beckycochrane: “Oh, please, please, I’m voting for Lee on #Yellowstone. 🤞🏻”

Expect the Unexpected on Yellowstone

The return of Annable is sparking a debate in the belief of if he will be appearing on the show in Season 4 or not, as it is in the midst of the end of filming.

At the end of October, Dave took to Instagram teasing his fans by discussing his latest project without releasing what the project actually is.

Throughout the first season of the hit TV series, Annable’s character of Lee Dutton, the oldest son of the Dutton’s, ended his run on the show after his character was killed off.

However, when he took to social media on Oct. 29. He shows himself receiving a COVID-19 test. However, he also seems to be suggesting a possible return to “Dutton Ranch.”

Annable Teases His Fans

Releasing a few subliminal messages in the caption, Annable includes how cold it gets. This may hint at the cold Montana weather, the state the new location Season 4 will be filmed in. Annable’s onscreen persona constantly sports a beard. In the post, it’s looking pretty similar to the one Dave is displaying. This is another reason some fans believe something is up with Annable’s return.

Responding, one person is suggesting that it’s “time to subscribe to Paramount” in anticipation of Annable’s potential return to the series. Another writes, “please please please come back from the dead!!!! We miss Lee!!!!!!” Another chimes in with, Yellowstone S4 – Lee survives, twist!”

However, with the twist and turns, including emotional deaths and heartbreaks, nothing is unexpected on Yellowstone.