‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Spot ‘Governor Perry’ Actress in New Show, Sparking Debate if She’s Leaving the Show

by Halle Ames

Is this Yellowstone star potentially leaving the show for another? Please don’t leave us, Governor Perry!

Is the beloved Governor of Montana and John Dutton’s girlfriend (are things official?) leaving Yellowstone for greener pastures? Some eagle-eyed Reddit fans think so. We will break it down. 

Governor Perry on Yellowstone has been a loyal ally to the Duttons since the beginning of the series. Maybe that is due to her growing feelings for the family patriarch, or perhaps it’s because of their similar beliefs. Regardless, she is a powerful friend to have. 

However, most recently, she is stuck between a rock and a hard place due to Market Equities’ proposal to install an airport in the middle of John Dutton’s ranch. While the airport would bring thousands of jobs to the areas, as well as money from tourism, it would destroy John’s land. 

In addition, Governor Perry’s term is almost up. So could the show be phasing her out so she can star in another? Or will she appear on both as minor characters? 

A Yellowstone fan posted to Reddit that they noticed Governor Perry actress Wendy Moniz-Grillo appearing in FBI: Organized Crime. 

“I saw a new program tonight…the woman who plays Lanelle was in it…FBI: ORGANIZED CRIME…Makes me wonder if season 4 will have a different actress for Governor. Maybe she just worked in her off time…I hope she has been replaced…” 

Yellowstone Departures

Governor Perry may not be the only actress Yellowstone may have to replace. Monica Long’s actress Kelsey Asbille has recently announced that she will star in the thriller series Gaslight. 

Are Taylor Sheridan and the other Yellowstone producers going to kill off Monica, which in turn would send Kayce into a deep depression that makes him even colder than he already is? Will Kayce get blood-hungry and go on a rampage? What will Tate do without a mother?

But will she survive another brush with death, or is she quickly running out of luck. Heck, we aren’t even sure Kayce will live to see Yellowstone season four. If Kayce dies, will Monica return to the reservation and ultimately get written out of the show?

So many questions. So little answers. 

We will have to wait for another month or so to see if the leading ladies will survive the season or if we will say goodbye to them for good and what issues their departure will entail.