‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Fans Uncover the Name of the First Episode of Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are chomping at the bit as they wait for their favorite show to return.

There has been no official announcement on when season four of the modern western series will return. Now, “Yellowstone” fans congregating on the online forum community, Reddit, believe they may have cracked the code. A Reddit user that goes by “thefirst_noel” recently shared their findings that point to a late June premiere date. If the poster is correct, the first episode of the new season will take place on Father’s Day, June 20. The poster also believes they have uncovered the title of the first episode and it will be called “Aftermath.”

“Checking a few different TV sites and see that they are showing S04E01 airing 6/20/21!” the Reddit user says.

The “Yellowstone” fan includes two links to back up their findings and both suggest a June 20 start for the first episode. Both links also suggest that the first episode of the new season will indeed be called “Aftermath.”

‘Yellowstone’ Premiere is Just Weeks Away

Both of these findings make total sense as we have long been told by “Yellowstone” producers to expect a June premiere. All three previous “Yellowstone” seasons have started on Father’s Day, which falls June 20 this year. It is a date that fans of the modern western drama have kept in the back of their minds all offseason. The start date has yet to be confirmed and it is entirely possible that false information could be circulating. Some fans think the official start date will be revealed during the “Yellowstone” marathon set for Memorial Day weekend.

It also makes perfect sense that the first episode of the new season is called “Aftermath” given what took place in the third season finale. The cliffhanging episode left “Yellowstone” fans in a state of shock that they are still recovering from. As many as four primary characters could be dead or alive entering the upcoming new season. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton were all attacked by unknown assailants to close out the season. Ranch hand Jimmy was last seen face down in the dirt after falling off of a bucking horse.

The first order of business for season four will be establishing who is still with us and who, if anyone, is gone. Once that is revealed it will be time to figure out who is behind the attacks on the Dutton family. Once the Duttons find out who is behind it all, you can bet they will be looking for some western justice.

Hold on tight “Yellowstone” fans, we are just weeks away from the return of our favorite show.